Snugli Baby Carrier

One of the best features about the Snugli Baby Carrier is that there is a real mom behind these carriers, just as there is behind other brands such as Baby K’tan, Seven slings, BabyHawk and the ErgoBaby carriers. Jennifer Delonge is a mother of three children and a successful interior and furniture designer. She has joined forces with the folks at Snugli to bring her hip and trendy “Fashion that Rocks” view to busy families on the move. Just because you are a parent to a little one doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style and cool attitude. The Snugli Baby Carrier has been keeping it Snug and Safe since ’68 and Jennifer is helping you rock your style with some fun and fashionable designs to choose from.


All the Snuglis are a form of soft structured carrier. So they all utilize a buckle you can easily hook and unhook with one hand, backstraps that adjust to your contours, padded shoulder straps that make them comfy for mom or dad, and adjustable straps that you just pull forward to easily secure your carrier. All fabrics are soft enough for baby and easy to clean for mom. Some models have additional features that are noted below.

Types of Snugli Baby Carrier.

The Front Snugli.

This is the basic model and lets you carry your baby safely in the front closest to you. You can place your little one facing you or with his or her back to you looking forward as a front facing baby carrier. The Front Snugli is best for newborns from 7 – 26 pounds. It is easy to wear and will give new moms one less thing to worry about. This comfy carrier comes in fabrics that are easy to clean in the following cool designs – Union Jack, Herringbone and Barcode.


The Vented Snugli.

This Snugli baby carrier can accommodate babies in the same size range as the Front Snugli. The best part is that as its name implies, it is vented keeping mom and baby cool, calm and collected – well most of the time at least. Perfect for moms and dads who live in places where it really heats up in the summer. Active parents who are always on the go will also benefit from the extra ventilation. If you plan on having more than one Snugli on hand make sure one of them is the Vented version. You’ll use it every time you have a full day planned. Styles include Geo, Pink Geo, Latticework, and Black Riot.


The Front and Back Snugli.

This Snugli is a favorite among dads. You can easily and comfortably secure your baby in front of you or on the back with the lumbar support giving your shoulders and back a major break. The weight of the baby is more evenly distributed yet you are still able to function hands-free. Babies that can be placed in the Front and Back Snugli baby carrier can weigh from 7 –32 pounds. It’s perfect for taking your precious cargo on a walk in the park and parents who take public transportation find it very adaptable. And speaking of adaptable, the seat on this Snugli adjusts as your baby grows so you will be able to use this carrier for several years. Two cargo pockets keep your essentials within reach. The neutral designs created by Jennifer Delonge make them attractive to moms and dads. Choose from Louvre, Honeycomb and Camo Black.

The Front, Back and Hip Snugli.

The Front, Back and Hip Snugli is the top-of-the-line when it comes to Snugli Baby Carriers. It accommodates older children from 16-40 pounds comfortably. Lumbar support lets you carry your toddler in the front or back as well as on the hip. It includes a large cargo pocket where you can probably stash your cell phone, some wipes and maybe a pair of emergency pull-ups. While this Snugli only comes in one design – Quilted Black –it will easily look good on mom or dad.


The Snugli Baby Carrier was invented by Ann Moore in the sixties and continues to impress parents today.

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