Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller

You were able to keep up your active lifestyle after the birth of your first child. It took about six months for your little one to be able to sit comfortably while you started taking long walks.

Now you have two children. Does this mean you have to give up everything you’ve worked for in order to get fit? Nope! The Schwinn double jogging stroller will accommodate both children at the same time.

Even though Schwinn is better known for making bikes for kids and adults, they actually are involved in manufacturing all kinds of fitness equipment. They have a variety of exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, and elliptical trainers, to name a few.

It’s nice to know that their dedication to fitness includes helping moms stay in shape. There are a few different styles available, mostly the double version of the singular style. Here’s the information on the Schwinn double jogging stroller range so you can find the right one for you and your children.


The Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller Range.

The Schwinn Arrow Double Jogging Stroller is lightweight but sturdy thanks to its aluminum frame.

Just as the single version, it has 16-inch pneumatic tires with aluminum rims that will give you an even and easy ride. The rubberized handle is adjustable making it easy to work, slip resistant, and comfortable to hold onto when you’re pushing more than one child.

The front wheel is fixed making it easy to steer and maneuver around corners. There is a molded tray on top that can hold two cups and there is a storage basket under the seat that’s perfect for your keys, phone, snacks, or extra toys for the kids. The braking system is similar to the ones used on a bike, right on the handlebars, making it easy to use and giving you more control.

There are built-in speakers that are compatible with just about any MP3 player. Put on some soothing tunes to keep little ones calm or put on some fun songs so they can have a sing-along together. Each child has their own canopy and it is retractable with a sun shade. The PVC sun visor is in place to protect the kids from the UV rays.

Children must be at least 6 months old and this Schwinn double jogging stroller can hold up to 100 lbs.


The Schwinn Turismo Double Stroller is perfect for just about any activity – walking, shopping or even a light jogging session.

The frame is aluminum and lightweight making it easy to set up and handle. The alloy wheels make for an easy ride. The aluminum suspension helps to absorb the shock that comes from walking, running, and jogging. The front wheel can lock into place and can be locked from the handle.

The brakes are operated by your foot making them easy to park safely. It has a 5-point harness making it comfortable and safe for transporting baby. There are two detachable molded trays for your child’s snacks and one for the grownups as well. The seat cushions are padded making them cushy and comfortable. Each seat comes with its own canopy which can be adjusted to keep the kids protected from the elements. There are MP3 speakers built in to each side.

The clear vinyl extension prevents any drizzles, hot sun rays, or heavy winds. The Turismo is easy to fold up making it perfect for traveling.

This Schwinn double jogging stroller can hold up to 50 pounds on each side.

The Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to carry and fold up.

The 16-inch tires are pneumatic with aluminum rims to give you the best ride you can have. With two MP-3 speakers built in you can put on soothing music to keep your kids calm and, maybe get them to sleep. With the spring suspension exposed you’ll enjoy a nice smooth ride. The adjustable handle is made out of rubber so it is comfortable and slip-free.

This entire Schwinn double jogging stroller has a dual trigger mechanism making folding it up a breeze with just one hand. There is a molded tray for parents with two cup holders. The canopies each have a canvas visor to help keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes.


The Schwinn Discover Swivel Double Stroller has an aluminium frame with a safe dual trigger folding mechanism. It also has a rubberized grip and dual cup holders for both parent and children.

There’s a molded parent tray and flip up children’s tray plus – of course – canopy mounted speakers for your MP3. And that important lockable front swivel wheel.

When choosing your Schwinn double jogging stroller, the ones with the swivel wheel are good for light jogging, shopping, or all day excursions. There are some that still have the option where you can lock in the front when you want to maintain an even pace. It is the swivel function that helps you get around more easily.

This is also true of the Schwinn jogging stroller product range as a whole.

Children should be able to hold their heads up on their own and be at least 6 months old. The strollers are not meant for kids who are taller than 38-inches or more than 50 pounds. The Schwinn double jogging stroller range can hold up to 100 pounds of weight.

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