Pikkolo Baby Carrier

How did the Pikkolo baby carrier come about? Well they say that necessity is the mother of invention, so when Beth Leistensnider was packing to go on a small trip to see a friend her necessity was to be able to travel more compactly. She realized if she could just get her 7-month old baby comfortably attached to her it would free her up to strap on a backpack diaper bag and carry a small suitcase on the place. Not happy with the comfort level of the baby carriers she already had, she decided to create her own.

She began making more and more and people began to notice them. So they then started to buy them right off of her (they did remove the child first!). She started her company and called it Catbird Baby, which is based on a line from the book, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, “sitting in the catbird seat.” She felt that the babies who were situated in her carriers were in the catbird seat as they were able to view the goings on in the world while safely close to Mom or Dad.

She has gone on to create other additions to the line but her purpose is to design functional products that are modern and beautiful to look at. And all with regard to babywearing and taking care of your kids just a little bit easier.

Pikkolo Baby Carrier Range.

The pikkolo baby carrier comes in five different styles, but each one is a form of soft structured carrier. An unusual feature of the Pikkolo baby carrier range is the fact that they all have a forth carrying position. Each can be used as a front facing baby carrier.


The Metropolitan Pikkolo Baby Carrier is unique in that you do not need an infant insert. The comfort level is amped up here with shoulder straps made from memory foam. The strap is tapered making it even more comfortable and supportive while still being cushy soft without all the bulk. The buckles have a dual adjustment so you don’t have to yank them up and back in order to get a good fit.

There are 4 carrying positions which will accommodate your baby as he or she grows. Your baby will fit into the Metropolitan from 8 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds, so is also great as a toddler carrier. And the base is adjustable so you can cinch it to adapt right to your baby’s size. The straps criss cross in back situating the baby evenly when you carry him in the front. There’s even a sweet little sleeping hood that can be stored in the pocket that comes with it.

The Georgia Pikkolo Carrier has many of the same fine traits as the Metropolitan carrier and also lets you carry your little one in four different positions.Iin the front facing inward towards your body. Carrying the baby in the front facing outward. Positioning the baby on your hip in the front. And lastly, carrying your baby on your back. There are instructions showing how you can get your child situated in the backpack position using a bed or couch.

The Café au Lait Pikkolo Carrier is again, similar to the other models but it has the cutest little sleeping hood that is made from a tan material. It matches up nicely with the warm brown color of the carrier. All of these carriers are in neutral colors making it easy to have one carrier that both Mom or Dad can use.

The Annika Pikkolo Carrier has all of the important attributes of the Georgia carrier but the design on the material is a white leaf set against the deep blue color of the carrier.

The Zephyr Pikkolo Carrier is made up the same way as the Georgia Pikkolo but is made of a silver material that borders on gray. It has a smoked pearl piping along the edge and the little sleeping hood is also smoked pearl in color.

A useful addition to any of the Pikkolo baby carrier range is the babywearing support belt. This gives extra support when carrying heavier or older babies and certainly extends the life of your carrier as your child grows.

Caring for your Pikkolo Baby Carrier.

All of the materials on the pikkolo carriers are 100 percent cotton. You can wash them in your washing machine but it is suggested that you put them in a lingerie bag that is used to wash delicate clothing. Set your washer on the delicate setting and only use cold water.

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