Phil and Teds Vibe / Verve

Phil & Teds is a cutting edge company that wants to give parents cool products to use when taking care of their kids. They make functional items cool-looking while improving their style and expanding their function level. For example, instead of a double stroller that has side-by-side seats, their strollers have double kit clips so you can put another child behind the one in the front seat. Instead of having to maneuver a double-wide stroller, the one that you are using remains the same width there just happens to be another baby on board. All you have to do is take one of their inline strollers and clip on a double kit and voila – you have an inline double stroller. The Phil and Teds Vibe & Verve are the new additions to this range of inline strollers.

Phil and Teds Vibe / Verve.

They have a variety of stroller styles that have just enough of a twist as to make them fun to use and multifunctional as well. They have a selection of compact strollers which are simple to use and easy to carry around. They also have a few joggers so you have no excuse not to stay fit and healthy even though you have kids.

Some of the more interesting strollers include the Phil and Teds Vibe and Verve strollers. These strollers are the same in every way except the Vibe has 3 wheels and Verve has four wheels.

Unlike most strollers, the Vibe and Verve strollers allow you to use the double kit so that you can seat your baby facing the rear rather than front. The double kit lets you recline your baby into two different positions and includes a sun mesh that will give shade to the baby in the back seat as well as a little privacy.

These strollers can fold all the way down to half of the size that they are when opened up. When folded up it is so compact that it stands straight up and no fabrics even touch the floor. Your fabrics stay clean and you don’t even have to bend over to pick up your stroller.

There are some really cool accessories to work in conjunction with your Phil and Teds Vibe or Verve. For example, you can take the newborn carrycot, clip it on to your verve or vibe stroller and it becomes a stroller for a bassinet type of carrier. It is like transporting a cocoon with your baby snuggled up inside. Baby can stay asleep and all you have to do is lift the carrier up with the handle.

The freerider stroller board can easily attach to the axle in the back of your verve or vibe and it turns the stroller board into a scooter for your child. This was one of Phil & Ted’s award-winning designs.

These novel strollers have 23 different ways that you can ride them. You can ride around one child or two in all different combinations. They display the many different ways you can use their strollers right on their website.

The Phil and Teds Vibe & Verve seats are the tallest ones they have on a stroller. They can accommodate babies up to 41.3 inches tall or 5 years of age. The tall seat provides more comfortable reclining positions for your baby, from flat, to upright and two other positions in-between.

All the controls for your Phil and Teds Vibe and Verve are right at your fingertips starting with the handle brake you can use to stop the stroller with just one hand. You can adjust the height positions from 1 to 6 with no problems.

Both rides are comfortable, it’s just your choice of whether you prefer 3 wheels or 4 wheels. The Phil and Teds Vibe has three wheels that are 12-inches and filled with air giving it nice impact absorption and giving baby the ultimate ride when it comes to comfort. The Verve on the other hand has four wheels with two 12-inch wheels in the back and two 7-inch EVA wheels in the front. You are able to lock the front wheels on the Vibe and the Verve in the straight position or in the swivel position.

The seats on the Verve and Vibe strollers are made from a patterned Lycra that is plush and comfortable. They come in cobalt blue, cherry red and black. Your baby may cry because he is tired, or hungry, or wet, but he sure won’t cry because he’s uncomfortable.

The canopy that is on the Phil and Ted Vibe and the Verve strollers can follow the sun all day to keep your child protected from the dangerous rays of the sun. The canopy can adjust every which way you go to keep out gusty winds, dust flurries, or even a sprinkle of rain. The flick out visor goes one step further protecting baby from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Phil & Ted give you every option to make the best use of their products; they grow as your child does.

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