Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder.

Originally the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder – or OTSBH – was a branded product name for a baby sling. Since going out of business the term now tends to be used as means of describing any form of babywearing sling.

The OTSBH is a wonderful way to travel with your child. From infancy to around three years of age you can put your little one in a carrier that keeps them close to you at all times. The selection of fabrics to choose from will probably be your hardest decision once you decide to order the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. It’s one thing to say it’s a great product – but the proof is that it won the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center.


Bonding with Your baby

The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder is a carrier that will help you bond with your baby. With your little one tucked into the holder he or she will feel safe nestled against your chest. The rhythm of your heartbeat is a familiar sound for babies and will continue to nurture them.

There is a form of child raising that is called attachment parenting. This process encourages parents to always be in contact with their child. The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder makes this an easy option.


Carrying in Comfort

If you’re worried that this carrier is going to be hard on your neck and back think again. With this sling the baby’s weight is evenly distributed so neither side of you or your back has to work hard to support it. Baby can be cradled which is a perfectly comfortable position for him or her. If you are nursing your baby you won’t have to even move them to be able to feed them discreetly.

As they get older, children can be positioned to hang out with you in total comfort. With legs and arms free they are securely transported whether they are facing you or looking out into the world. The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder adjusts to your child from birth to around three years old.


The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder – One Size Really Does Fit All

One of the great things about this type of sling is that it can accommodate a tiny frame on a woman or a large sized man. You don’t have to worry about getting one to fit a certain size. That means when grandma and grandpa come over and want to take the little one out the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder will fit them comfortably as well.


Is it Hard to Put on Correctly?

A DVD is included when you purchase an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder to clearly show you how easy it is to put this wrap on. It simply slips over your head just like you would put a sling on a broken arm and is one of the easiest forms of baby transport to put on. The folds in the wrap are soft and flexible to easily mold to baby‘s shape yet strong enough to securely hold him or her up to around three years old.

The fold in the wrap can hold baby in the cradle position as well as hold a three year old with arms and legs freely hanging. Once you get the hang of it you will see how easy it is to put on and how versatile it is. Baby can be positioned in the front or on the side of your hip.


The Votes Are In

Parents who have used the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder love it. But just as important, chiropractors and physical therapists who see so many people with back problems applaud the way the child’s weight is evenly distributed preventing any strain on the back.

The best reviews are the ones from parents who actually use the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. Once they buy one they usually pick up another one for dad. It is the gift of choice at baby showers. Many big name brands are available such as the Maya Wrap, Boba Wrap, Moby Wrap, and the Seven Slings range. There are even specialized twin baby slings. Of course you could always use a baby sling pattern to make your own ….

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