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Moby Wrap Inc. is more than just a company that offers baby carriers. It is actually a company with a conscience. The parents who came up with Moby, which stands for Mother and baby, just wanted a better carrier to transport their own little ones. The actually took a European version and put their spin on it and the Moby Wrap was created.

The company began in April of 2003 and worked towards spreading the word on babywearing through baby wraps. From the garage of the original parents Moby grew to a warehouse in Chico, California. While the wraps are made in Thailand, the Moby Co. Ltd. works hand in hand with their partners in Chiang Mai providing a generous salary for their staff, health care, and bonuses. The two companies offer a positive place for their partners to work with mutual respect for each other’s work ethics.

Moby Wrap The Originals.

There are a bunch of fun but still functional baby wraps here. There are the originals which are perfect for babies from 8 to 35 pounds. Available in 10 colors the 100% cotton material make these comfy for mom and baby.

Moby Wrap Moderns.

The Modern styles can accommodate the same size baby as the originals. The only difference is more up-to-date colors. Choose from chocolate, indigo, lilac and sienna to name a few.

Moby Wrap MLB Edition.

Here’s an option that just might make dad want to take the little one out with him. With 24 Major League Baseball teams to choose from you can display your team loyalty right on your Moby Wrap. The way the wrap falls your team’s logo falls right on baby’s back.


This selection of sweet designs easily reverts to a solid color when you reverse it. There is a whimsical owl design and a butterfly among others. These are all exclusive to Moby.


You can never be too careful about protecting your baby from the damaging rays from the sun. The UV Moby Wraps have SPF 50+ incorporated using the Rayosan Process. This unique process is patented and provides extra coverage for your child.


Still soft and comfortable, the Organics collection consists of wraps that are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Choose from the beautiful eggplant color or the PAM beautiful Life Organic design.


Woven Wraps.

If you’re looking for something with a little more structure and a lot less stretch, the Woven Wraps are made of 100% organic cotton material. There are 14 colors that have varied shades integrated into the material.

Mini Moby Wrap.

Moby are amongst several baby doll carrier manufacturers who supply a ‘mini’ version of their product. Others include the Beco baby carrier, Boba baby carrier and Ergobaby carriers. The idea behind these is to allow older siblings to participate by carrying their own doll or soft toy.


Moby Wrap Instructions.

Basic Mom Info

Besides offering great ways to carry your baby, Moby offers you some tips and extra information that is meant to help moms out.

There are things you can do while wearing your Moby Wrap that you’ve probably never even thought of. There are exercises that you can do while wearing your wrap and the link to them is right on their website.

How about yoga for the two of you? The gentle stretches and movements can help you and your baby. There are a few basic poses to try out listed right on the site.

There is information on baby massage techniques with Moby teaming up with Infant Massage USA. There are a few examples of simple massage techniques you can try out on your little one.

If you have had trouble breastfeeding your baby don’t despair, there is help in sight. Moby offers some great information from Best for Babes to help you succeed. Or for extensive help on tips breastfeeding look here..

The carriers here at Moby are simple to use. There are instructions online to help you put them on properly. Check them out at

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