Maya Wrap Makes Trips With Baby so Much Easier

Doesn’t it seem like staples of every family-oriented television sitcom are scenes where the parents or grandparents take the newborn out for the day, only to struggle with all of the items that they need to care for the baby? Toys, snacks, strollers, clothes and diaper bags make for a difficult and stressful day for the fictitious family.

When it happens to you it sure isn’t funny, is it? The challenge of getting everything ready is a pressure-filled exercise where the consequences of forgetting a needed item can be dire. You welcome with open arms any item that makes this a better experience.

Say hello to the Maya Wrap Sling Ring baby carrier.

Conveniences abound.

Gone are the days of fighting with a boxy, difficult carrier that has an assortment of buckles and snaps that can turn any outing with baby into an Olympic sport. The Maya Sling Ring is light and easy to use, meaning Mom or Dad can accomplish more things with baby in tow.

The Maya Wrap folds into a purse or small bag, which allows for quick getaways. There is no need to constantly buy a replacement – Maya Wraps are good for children weighing up to 35 pounds.

Knowing that parents coming in many different shapes and sizes just like baby, Maya Wraps are completely adjustable, allowing for several different carrying positions while reducing back strain. They are designed in such a way that Mom can quietly nurse without drawing attention. There is even a pocket for an extra diaper, the car keys or your cell phone.

Stay stylish.

Maya Wrap baby carriers do not forgo style for the sake of comfort and convenience. The 100% cotton hand-loomed fabric is very breathable. Their durability eliminates the necessity for padding common in carriers that increases both the bulk for you and the heat for baby. With a variety of styles to choose from, it is easy to coordinate your Maya Wrap with your desired outfit no matter the occasion or season.

Keeping baby safe.

Frightening stories about baby products and toys containing hazardous materials seem to occur with alarming frequency. You can rest easy knowing your Maya product does not contain cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, nickel, cobalt or any other substance that can harm your child.

Maya Wraps allow you to be an ethical consumer.

Maya products conform to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Certified at every stage from harvest to post-production, Maya’s product line exceeds every standard for safe work environments, living wages, safe manufacturing components, and environmentally friendly processing of waste water.


The Maya Wrap is made to a simple baby sling pattern and so is extremely easy to use. Take a look at this simple to follow instructional video.


Simplicity of care.

To clean any Maya Wrap, a simple cold water machine wash is all it takes. Never use bleach. It is recommended you line dry these products to prevent shrinkage.

Simplicity of transport. Increased range of activities. Premium safety. Quick cleaning. Ethical purchase. The Maya Wrap is a great choice.


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