Infantino Carrier

It’s hard to tell who the Infantino company loves more – babies or their Moms. Their focus is on providing quality baby carriers that help parents take care of the children with ease. They are dedicated to safe products that are reasonably priced yet offer well-thought out details. Mesh fabrics keep each Infantino baby carrier cool and comfortable. There is always a focus on the backs and shoulders of Moms and Dads with extra wide straps and lumbar support in even the most basic Infantino baby carrier.

Infantino baby carrier range.

The company realizes that there isn’t just one Infantino baby carrier that works for everyone so there are many different styles, lots of fun patterns and colors, and so many different ways of strapping on your little one for a happy babywearing experience. Take a look at the great line of Infantino carriers:


This Infantino baby carrier is in it for the long haul. You can use this when your baby is small up through his or her toddler years. The adjustable seat offers a number of carrying choices. The wide lumbar belt helps support your back and the straps adjust easily to give you the proper weight distribution for you and your little one. And there is a padded area to support baby’s head.



Breathe is for cool moms, or at least moms who want to stay cool in hot weather. This pouch-style Infantino baby carrier is vented with BreatheMesh fabric making it a lightweight way to transport your baby. This carrier attaches easily with a buckle system that is literally a snap to put on. Included is the Clever Wonder Cover which is a bib from Infantino that keeps baby’s clothing and carrier neat and clean.



Just that little bit of extra coverage in the form of a cap sleeve gives mom a little more back support while carrying their little one – and especially as he or she becomes bigger. Sometimes transporting baby all day long through errands and shopping can take its toll. This Infantino baby carrier works well in the facing-in or front-facing positions.



Most moms agree – the EcoSash carrier is one of the easiest ones to put on. You can easily carry your baby one of three ways – position him facing towards you, facing outward as a front facing baby carrier, or you can even carry baby around backpack style. There is a sweet little hood that is built in to protect baby from the outside elements. And there are no buckles to deal with – just wrap ‘em up, tie securely and you’re on your way. This carrier really does grow as your baby does.


Hoodie All Season.

When is a hoodie not a hoodie? When it becomes a cozy carrier cover for you and your baby. The Hoodie All Season carrier cover is made of the same sweatshirt style material that they make hoodies from. There is pocket for mom’s hands and a hood to keep baby protected from wind, rain and cold weather. It snaps on to your carrier quickly and easily.



This really is one Infantino baby carrier that can do it all. The Infinity has three ways to carry baby – facing towards you, facing outward, and backpack style. In addition, this carrier can fit easily into your shopping cart as well as the high chair at your favorite restaurant. You can easily run your errands, go grocery shopping and meet your hubby for dinner without having to lug around extra seats and covers.


An ergonomically designed Infantino baby carrier which creates a natural sitting position for baby either facing in or as a backpack. With padded straps and lumber support for mum or dad as well.



The Swift carrier is a simple basic style that is perfect when you want to just grab it and get on the road. Baby can face outward or in towards you. It evenly distributes the baby’s weight making it comfortable to carry your child without a lot of bulk and the back strap adjusts to give you the perfect fit. The Swift is easy to get on quickly with the buckle system that snaps in the front.


Sync Carrier.

This carrier can adapt to all sizes and body shapes with ease. The lumbar belt provides support for your back and the soft straps make the whole carrier fit just right while baby gets transported in comfort. Baby stays nice and close and snug as a bug.



The Union is one of the company’s Ergonomic Carriers making it comfortable to use especially for long periods of time. Baby is comfortable in a face-front position or hitching a backpack ride. Extra wide straps are adjustable and keep your shoulders free of pain. Baby’s seat is bucket style giving him enough support so he doesn’t slip down and need constant adjustments. Baby can continue to use this until he / she is about 36 months old or 40 lbs in weight, making it an ideal toddler carrier.



Here is a cool carrier that Moms and Dads will both love. Baby has three different ways to ride – face-out, face-in, or backpack style. The lumbar belt expands to 52-inches so it can accommodate a number of sizes and shapes. The BreatheMesh material makes it a cool carrier even when the weather warms up. Also included is the company’s WonderCover which is a two-fold bib that keeps the carrier and baby’s clothing clean.


Sash Mei Tai.

Based on a carrying pattern that is centuries-old the Sash is an updated version of the mei tai baby carrier as opposed to a soft structured carrier. It is comfortable, flexible and adaptable to each body. This Infantino baby carrier lets you customize it to fit you perfectly and grows along with your little one. The detachable hood is there when you need it to keep baby shielded from the weather. Lumbar support and padded straps that are extra wide help keep you in comfort and focused on your baby.

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