Hiking Baby Carrier

If you’re an active mom or dad who loves the outdoors then you will want to share your love of nature with your little one. So you should look for those baby carriers that are designed especially for hiking. Each hiking baby carrier will incorporate all the safety and comfort functions for baby and parent so you both have an enjoyable experience.

What makes a hiking baby carrier?

There is no actual definition to this – it depends what you are looking for. But generally a hiking baby carrier should:-

  • be weatherproof / waterproof.
  • be lightweight.
  • include (or have available) weather protection for baby – sun visor, rain cover etc.
  • have plenty of storage space.

Of course you will have your own priorities depending upon your circumstances. For instance cost, age of your child and how exactly you intend to use it. Week long treks in the wilderness? Or the occasional walk in the park?

An important point to consider when making your choice is the total carrying weight. Most hiking baby carriers are meant also to be used as a backpack – so lots of pockets, compartments, loops etc. So consider your intended load – the weight of your child and the items you expect to be carrying. Many of these products can be used not only as a baby carrier but also as a toddler carrier. But this will affect what else you are able to (safely) carry on your journey.

All the below products come highly recommended.

Which hiking baby carrier?

Kelty are a well known manufacturer of quality camping, hiking and outdoor products. Each Kelty baby carrier within the range is of exceptional quality:-

Deuter offers the KangaKid, which is a sturdy carrier that is made of nylon making it lightweight and resistant to rain. It can fold up and fit in the overhead compartment of a plane and is comfortable and secure for moms, dads, and little ones.

The KangaKid Sunroof is made for this carrier and is sold separately.

Another backpack carrier from a well known brand is the Smart Support Backpack from the Chicco baby carrier range. With an aluminium frame and waterproof canopy with sun visor and detachable rain cover, it is padded with energy absorbing lumbar padding. A kickstand make for easy loading and unloading and creates a stand alone chair.

The Onya Baby Outback carrier is a soft structured carrier which can be carried on the front, back or hip. It comes in 4 various colors and is perfect for newborns up to toddlers of about 45lbs. For those long walks there are pockets, toy loops and D-rings for keys etc. while a tuck away sun protective hood protects baby. It is waterproof and durable with a mesh lining keeping both parent and baby cool.

A very novel touch is the integrated seat which will fit almost any chair. Ideal for when you stop off on your way for something to eat or drink.

The Phil & Teds Escape baby carrier is made from durable and washable fabric. It is ultra comfortable for parents and children from 3 months to 3 years old, with a moldable head and neck support and 5 point adjustable harness. It has a lightweight aluminium frame, removable wind and rain cover, sun hood, plenty of pockets and a water bladder compatible sleeve for those long and thirsty treks. The large storage compartment can be zipped off and carried by a hiking partner as a day pack in order to share the load.

The Osprey Packs Poco hiking baby carrier is the entry level carrier in the range. Like all the Osprey range there is an abundance of pockets, mesh panels and compartments and is easy to adjust for size of baby. It has an aluminium frame and ample padding with child’s foot stirrups. There are several additions you can buy such as a sunshade or raincover, and the Daylite extra clipon carry compartment. Higher grade carriers within the range include the Poco Plus and Poco premium.


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