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Hawaii is the land of “No Worries,” and the birthplace of the Ergobaby Original Carrier. Born out of a need to be able to stay mobile and yet still have her baby close to her, Karin Frost came up with the original carrier design. She tested her product with other parents and even watched how the kids reacted to the carrier.

She made sure that the carrier was adjustable to both the parent and the child. Frost chose a nautilus as her logo because to her it represents the flexibility, evolution and “instinctive response” you need as you go through your everyday life. The company continues to grow but the passion and commitment remain the same.

Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Carrier

Ergobaby is the recipient of numerous awards for their stellar design. In 2011, Ergobaby carriers were named one of the Top 10 baby carriers in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. There’s no doubt that parents love the ergonomic design that distributes the baby’s weight evenly making it comfortable for them as well as the child.


The child is able to be transported while in a seated position with the padded waistbelt adjusting the baby’s weight between the shoulders to hip area. The shoulder straps are nicely padded to make sure that they don’t dig into you. The carrier is made of 100% cotton canvas with the lining made of 100% cotton poplin. The carrier itself is less than two pounds so you’re not going to feel weighted down. You can keep your little one close to you directly in the front, on your hip or even on your back.


New products continue to join the original Ergo-baby Original Bundle of Joy Carrier including the Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier and the Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier.


Ergobaby Original Collection Sport Carrier

The Ergobaby Sport Carrier has all of the award-winning features of the original collection. Along with the airy lightweight materials used in the carrier, there is a vent in the back to keep you and your baby cool, calm and collected no matter what the temperature is outside.


The Sport Carrier also has a few extra inches around the waist and on the shoulder strap so it will fit more people. It is larger than all of the other models so it will accommodate dads and moms of all sizes and shapes. The Sport Carrier can accommodate anyone from 5′ to 6′ 5″ tall. Babies from 7 pounds to 12 pounds, usually spanning up to 4 to 5 months.

The body of the Sport Carrier is made from a polyester/cotton blend. The lining is 100% cotton just like all the other carriers. At 1.21 pounds, the Sport Carrier is even lighter than the original, which weighed in at 1.8 pounds.


A comfortable addition to the Sport Carrier for baby is a sleeping hood. It is detachable but while attached it protects baby from the elements while supporting his head. It adjusts to baby’s growth with five different snap levels. There is a chest strap that adjusts and prevents baby from slipping. There is also a little pouch in the front where you can stash the sleeping hood or carry a few little items.


The Ergobaby Sport Carrier is able to work with the infant inserts, backpacks, weather covers, teething pads, and front pouches. It is reinforced at all intersecting areas for extra strength and safety. You can easily wash the sport carrier in the washing machine and air dry it or remove it from the delicate cycle of the dryer while the seams are still slightly wet. This carrier comes in 11 versatile colors and fabric designs.


Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier is an excellent option if you or your baby are susceptible to allergies or have sensitive skin issues. It also complies with your commitment to living a clean and organic lifestyle. The materials used in this carrier are 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton.


In keeping with the original Egobaby Carrier, your little one will still be held comfortably in a natural seated position. Designed to be ergonomically correct baby is comfortable and so are you. The waistbelt ensures that the baby’s weight is distributed evenly on your body and the cushy shoulder straps support that distribution as well.


The body of the carrier is made from 100% organic cotton and the lining consists of 100% organic cotton sateen. All intersections are reinforced to ensure safety and durability. The shoulder strap runs from 24″ to 44″ in length and has 1″ high density foam to make it comfortable for the parent.

There is a large storage pocket that zips up to secure any small belongings you may tuck into it. There is also a storage pocked for the hood, which has a UPF of 50+.

Accessories for the Ergobaby Carrier

When you choose the Ergobaby Carrier that is right for you and your baby, you will have the peace of mind knowing your baby is safe, close by and both of you are comfortable in your journey. This well-made award winning baby carrier is fine all by itself, but if you are interested, there are additional accessories you can add to make your travels even more accommodating.


  • There are cushioned inserts that even have a removable pillow to keep newborns up to 5 months nice and cozy. The come in the same colors and fabric designs that match the carriers.

  • Another option is the set of two teething pads. When babies begin to teethe they have a tendency to chew on the straps of the carrier. The 100% organic teething pad will keep baby from doing this and protect their sensitive gums.


  • A rain cover will protect baby in case of a sudden and unexpected shower. The waterproof nylon cover can easily be snapped onto any of the carriers. You can also easily replace or add an additional hood or two. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics.

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