Chicco Umbrella Stroller

Chicco (pronounced “kee-ko”) has been a reputable brand of products for babies for over 50 years. The company is the largest brand of baby products in Europe. It’s hard to go anywhere without taking your little one with you and yet it’s more and more difficult to pack everything you need and then carry it all. The Chicco umbrella stroller range is undoubtedly one the most popular on the market.

Using an umbrella stroller will definitely help lighten the load. They are light in weight and you can open and close them using one hand. The more you take your baby with you and let him explore the world the more you are bonding with him and sharing special moments together.

We all know how quickly time goes by so every moment counts. Here is a list of the Chicco umbrella stroller products that will have you spending more time with your baby than lugging stuff around.

The Chicco Umbrella Stroller Range.

The C6 Lightweight Stroller is just as its name says weighing in at just 11 pounds.

It comes with its own bag and carrying strap. It has a 5-pount harness system that is comfortably padded and the seat can recline into several positions, even flat so your baby can sleep peacefully. The round canopy can protect your little one from the elements, or you can take it off when you are indoors. The front wheels swivel but they can be locked into place. There is a nice storage basket under the seat perfect for some treats for the little one and may be a book or toy to keep him occupied.

The seat, and actually the entire stroller, can be spot cleaned with a damp sponge. This Chicco umbrella stroller is meant for babies that are at least 6 months old. The maximum weight limit is 37 pounds.

The Echo Stroller is another light stroller but it’s sturdy enough to hold larger children, up to 40 pounds. The backrest can adjust from flat for small babies to upright positions for older kids. It can take just about any kind of terrain with its thick strong wheels; it can fold up easily so you can store it at home or stash it in the trunk of your car.

There is a large storage basket underneath which is a handy place to put a few little books or toys or maybe even your phone and keys. There is a small canopy on top to shield your little one from the sun. The ergonomic handle makes this Chicco umbrella stroller a breeze to push around. And the 5-point harness keeps your precious cargo safely secured and comfy.

If you need to clean up any mess, use a damps sponge with a little soap and water.

The Echo Twin Stroller is obviously the double version of the Echo. It has all the features of the basic model and is still lightweight enough at just 34.5lbs to fold up and carry.

The Liteway Stroller is a little on the trendy side with modern color combinations that bring it to life.

It’s lightweight because of the aluminum frame. When it is folded up it has a handle making it easy to carry around and there is a hide-away boot that lets you enclose your baby in the stroller when the seat is reclined. You can go just about anywhere with the swivel front wheels that can swerve precisely when you need them to.

The rear-wheel suspension makes the stroller easily adaptable no matter what kind of surface you are riding it on. You can take the large storage basket that’s underneath and put some of your baby’s essentials in it and use it as a tote bag. The canvas has little sun roof on top.

This stroller is perfect for babies from birth up to 40 pounds.

The Liteway Plus Stroller has all the fine attributes of the Liteway Stroller with a few nice additions.

The main reason this Chicco umbrella stroller is a plus is that it can convert from your baby’s infant car seat to your baby’s stroller making it two products for the price of one. Any time you can consolidate the things you need for your baby, the better off you will be. It’s not so bad that so many items are expensive to purchase, it’s that they outgrow them too fast.

They often grow out of them before they even have the chance to wear them out. This stroller is compatible with the KeyFit30 Infant Car Seat. You can take your infant in your carrier and click it into place on the stroller. Once your baby is not an infant any longer, you can remove the car seat and it will open up to accommodate a toddler as he grows up to 50 pounds.

The Capri Lightweight Stroller weighs just 11 pounds so it is easy to carry with you at all times and among the lightest of the Chicco umbrella stroller range. You can easily keep it in your car so that it’s there whenever you need it.

There is an underneath storage space and a rounded canopy to keep the sun and wind and rain away from your baby.

The Trevi Stroller is another lightweight Chicco umbrella stroller at just 19lbs, and is recommended from newborns to 40 lbs.

It has a compact 3-dimensional fold with a one-hand fold release for ease and a fully reclining seat with five possible positions for the adjustable leg rest. Other features include a padded seat, large infant head support, cupholders for both parent and baby along with a tray for baby too. It has a storage latch and a reversible canopy with a peek-a-boo window. The zip off back panel helps to protect baby from adverse weather and provides some extra ventilation.

The shopping basket is large as are the eight 8-inch diameter wheels which provide front and rear suspension, while the front wheels have lockable swivels.

The Neuvo Compact is another lightweight stroller (at 22lbs) with the features you expect from every other Chicco umbrella stroller.

Portable and easy to fold and carry, with child’s tray, cup holders, removable canopy with peek-a-boo window, storage basket, suspension and front locking swivel wheels. Importantly it has a five point safety harness, reclining seat and adjustable leg support.

And finally – how can we forget the Chicco doll stroller? Just like a baby doll carrier it is a mini version of the real thing which also folds and compacts. Now older brothers and sisters can take their doll or soft toys out for a walk with mom, dad and their younger sibling.

If you are interested in any above Chicco umbrella stroller then you may also like more Chicco products. Why not take a look at some of the Chicco baby carrier range?

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