Chicco Baby Carrier

Chicco has a full line of products for baby. From highchairs and playpens, this company has just about everything you need to care for your little one. The Chicco baby carrier is available in three options – each that will transport your little guy or gal in total comfort.

Baby Carriers and Backpacks

It’s a simple fact that carrying your baby close by is good for both of you both. Your baby spent nine months being soothed by your heartbeat so holding him close to you is a natural transition. The movement of your body is already what he or she I used to so it will be easy for them to be lulled to sleep. And it will be a comfort for you to have your precious cargo tucked in close and securely to you, front or back.

Chicco baby carrier range.

The UltraSoft Carrier.

This cuddly Chicco baby carrier is best suited for infants and babies from 7.5 to 25 pounds. With its Italian design, the UltraSoft Carrier is just that, ultra soft. Unsurprisingly the UltraSoft carriers are both a form of soft structured carrier. Created to be worn in the front, this carrier has padded shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted for your comfort. Besides the comfy lining there is a special cuddle cloth that baby will love snuggling up with and a special washable cloth that snaps on in case baby spits up.

Adjustable straps make it easy to adapt to mom or dad. And the mesh panels on the side are vented keeping it nice and cool as it allows for an even flow of air. Everything has been thought of to make sure you and your baby have a safe, comfortable and carefree journey.


Chicco baby carrier – UltraSoft Magic Carrier

The Chicco UltraSoft Magic Carrier is the premium version of the UltraSoft Carrier. The seating area is upholstered and you can use this carrier in the front or back. The little vents on the side and the side panels made of mesh fabric help to keep this carrier cool. Just like the UltraSoft Carrier it includes the cuddle cloth and spit up cloth.

The shoulder straps easily adjust for front carrying or back. Chicco made sure that it included little ergonomic extras to ensure your comfort. There is a lumbar support that adjusts according to your height to give you the most enjoyable outings with your baby.

Like the Soleil in the Beco baby carrier range, there is a pocket in the front that is covered and two side pockets made of mesh. This makes it convenient for you to keep your keys and cell phone handy. Also included is a matching bag.


The UltraSoft 2-way carrier.

The beauty of this Chicco baby carrier – still part of the UltraSoft range – is that it can be used as a front facing baby carrier. So baby can face in and snuggle next to mon or dad, or face out and watch the world go by.

As with the others in the range there is the cuddle cloth and handy spit up cloth for baby. Also the usual padded straps for comfort.


Smart Support Backpack.

The Chicco Smart Support Backpack may appear heavier than it looks. At just 6.5 pounds, this Chicco baby carrier is a great way to keep your bigger children in tow and makes a perfect hiking baby carrier. The aluminum frame keeps these backpack baby carriers lightweight. The seat adjusts for your child so that it keeps pace with their growth. As in all their carriers the shoulder straps have a nice padding on them so that you don’t get worn out. There is lumbar support that is fully padded and the belt straps adjust to fit mommy or daddy.

One of the great features about the Smart Support Backpack is that you can put it down and it is a stable freestanding unit. No worries about it rocking so you can load and unload your child safely and securely.

Another nice touch is the weather shield that zips over the front protecting your child from rain, wind or too much sun. It’s a comfort to know that your little one can enjoy his ride without having to deal with the elements.

When it’s time to tuck it away, the Chicco Smart Support Backpack simply folds up flat making it easy to store and keep in your car. This backpack holds kids up to 40 pounds.

Why not also take a look at the great lightweight, folding strollers within the Chicco umbrella stroller range?

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