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Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller

You were able to keep up your active lifestyle after the birth of your first child. It took about six months for your little one to be able to sit comfortably while you started taking long walks.

Now you have two children. Does this mean you have to give up everything you’ve worked for in order to get fit? Nope! The Schwinn double jogging stroller will accommodate both children at the same time.

Even though Schwinn is better known for making bikes for kids and adults, they actually are involved in manufacturing all kinds of fitness equipment. They have a variety of exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, and elliptical trainers, to name a few.

It’s nice to know that their dedication to fitness includes helping moms stay in shape. There are a few different styles available, mostly the double version of the singular style. Here’s the information on the Schwinn double jogging stroller range so you can find the right one for you and your children.


The Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller Range.

The Schwinn Arrow Double Jogging Stroller is lightweight but sturdy thanks to its aluminum frame.

Just as the single version, it has 16-inch pneumatic tires with aluminum rims that will give you an even and easy ride. The rubberized handle is adjustable making it easy to work, slip resistant, and comfortable to hold onto when you’re pushing more than one child.

The front wheel is fixed making it easy to steer and maneuver around corners. There is a molded tray on top that can hold two cups and there is a storage basket under the seat that’s perfect for your keys, phone, snacks, or extra toys for the kids. The braking system is similar to the ones used on a bike, right on the handlebars, making it easy to use and giving you more control.

There are built-in speakers that are compatible with just about any MP3 player. Put on some soothing tunes to keep little ones calm or put on some fun songs so they can have a sing-along together. Each child has their own canopy and it is retractable with a sun shade. The PVC sun visor is in place to protect the kids from the UV rays.

Children must be at least 6 months old and this Schwinn double jogging stroller can hold up to 100 lbs.


The Schwinn Turismo Double Stroller is perfect for just about any activity – walking, shopping or even a light jogging session.

The frame is aluminum and lightweight making it easy to set up and handle. The alloy wheels make for an easy ride. The aluminum suspension helps to absorb the shock that comes from walking, running, and jogging. The front wheel can lock into place and can be locked from the handle.

The brakes are operated by your foot making them easy to park safely. It has a 5-point harness making it comfortable and safe for transporting baby. There are two detachable molded trays for your child’s snacks and one for the grownups as well. The seat cushions are padded making them cushy and comfortable. Each seat comes with its own canopy which can be adjusted to keep the kids protected from the elements. There are MP3 speakers built in to each side.

The clear vinyl extension prevents any drizzles, hot sun rays, or heavy winds. The Turismo is easy to fold up making it perfect for traveling.

This Schwinn double jogging stroller can hold up to 50 pounds on each side.

The Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to carry and fold up.

The 16-inch tires are pneumatic with aluminum rims to give you the best ride you can have. With two MP-3 speakers built in you can put on soothing music to keep your kids calm and, maybe get them to sleep. With the spring suspension exposed you’ll enjoy a nice smooth ride. The adjustable handle is made out of rubber so it is comfortable and slip-free.

This entire Schwinn double jogging stroller has a dual trigger mechanism making folding it up a breeze with just one hand. There is a molded tray for parents with two cup holders. The canopies each have a canvas visor to help keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes.


The Schwinn Discover Swivel Double Stroller has an aluminium frame with a safe dual trigger folding mechanism. It also has a rubberized grip and dual cup holders for both parent and children.

There’s a molded parent tray and flip up children’s tray plus – of course – canopy mounted speakers for your MP3. And that important lockable front swivel wheel.

When choosing your Schwinn double jogging stroller, the ones with the swivel wheel are good for light jogging, shopping, or all day excursions. There are some that still have the option where you can lock in the front when you want to maintain an even pace. It is the swivel function that helps you get around more easily.

This is also true of the Schwinn jogging stroller product range as a whole.

Children should be able to hold their heads up on their own and be at least 6 months old. The strollers are not meant for kids who are taller than 38-inches or more than 50 pounds. The Schwinn double jogging stroller range can hold up to 100 pounds of weight.

Snugli Baby Carrier

One of the best features about the Snugli Baby Carrier is that there is a real mom behind these carriers, just as there is behind other brands such as Baby K’tan, Seven slings, BabyHawk and the ErgoBaby carriers. Jennifer Delonge is a mother of three children and a successful interior and furniture designer. She has joined forces with the folks at Snugli to bring her hip and trendy “Fashion that Rocks” view to busy families on the move. Just because you are a parent to a little one doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style and cool attitude. The Snugli Baby Carrier has been keeping it Snug and Safe since ’68 and Jennifer is helping you rock your style with some fun and fashionable designs to choose from.


All the Snuglis are a form of soft structured carrier. So they all utilize a buckle you can easily hook and unhook with one hand, backstraps that adjust to your contours, padded shoulder straps that make them comfy for mom or dad, and adjustable straps that you just pull forward to easily secure your carrier. All fabrics are soft enough for baby and easy to clean for mom. Some models have additional features that are noted below.

Types of Snugli Baby Carrier.

The Front Snugli.

This is the basic model and lets you carry your baby safely in the front closest to you. You can place your little one facing you or with his or her back to you looking forward as a front facing baby carrier. The Front Snugli is best for newborns from 7 – 26 pounds. It is easy to wear and will give new moms one less thing to worry about. This comfy carrier comes in fabrics that are easy to clean in the following cool designs – Union Jack, Herringbone and Barcode.


The Vented Snugli.

This Snugli baby carrier can accommodate babies in the same size range as the Front Snugli. The best part is that as its name implies, it is vented keeping mom and baby cool, calm and collected – well most of the time at least. Perfect for moms and dads who live in places where it really heats up in the summer. Active parents who are always on the go will also benefit from the extra ventilation. If you plan on having more than one Snugli on hand make sure one of them is the Vented version. You’ll use it every time you have a full day planned. Styles include Geo, Pink Geo, Latticework, and Black Riot.


The Front and Back Snugli.

This Snugli is a favorite among dads. You can easily and comfortably secure your baby in front of you or on the back with the lumbar support giving your shoulders and back a major break. The weight of the baby is more evenly distributed yet you are still able to function hands-free. Babies that can be placed in the Front and Back Snugli baby carrier can weigh from 7 –32 pounds. It’s perfect for taking your precious cargo on a walk in the park and parents who take public transportation find it very adaptable. And speaking of adaptable, the seat on this Snugli adjusts as your baby grows so you will be able to use this carrier for several years. Two cargo pockets keep your essentials within reach. The neutral designs created by Jennifer Delonge make them attractive to moms and dads. Choose from Louvre, Honeycomb and Camo Black.

The Front, Back and Hip Snugli.

The Front, Back and Hip Snugli is the top-of-the-line when it comes to Snugli Baby Carriers. It accommodates older children from 16-40 pounds comfortably. Lumbar support lets you carry your toddler in the front or back as well as on the hip. It includes a large cargo pocket where you can probably stash your cell phone, some wipes and maybe a pair of emergency pull-ups. While this Snugli only comes in one design – Quilted Black –it will easily look good on mom or dad.


The Snugli Baby Carrier was invented by Ann Moore in the sixties and continues to impress parents today.

Seven Slings

Seven slings is a company that actually has a stay-at-home mom behind it in the same way that the Snugli baby carrier, Pikkolo baby carrier and ErgoBaby carriers do. This is not a company that is based on good ideas, it’s the brainchild of a mom who is incorporating these products into her own life.

When you have five children, you basically know what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be created to make it work. Founded by Jenny Pierce in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Jenny is a behind the scenes type of mom who is more interested in helping fellow moms with the same issues that she has struggled with.

Jenny began with Milk Bands, which were created to help her breastfeed her own babies. She has gone on to create Udder Covers, Carseat Canopy and Nursing Pillow. The humble little inventor is so behind the scenes that her employees wrote her bio.

Seven slings

At first glance you can tell that Seven slings are different than the rest. They do come in a variety of styles, fabrics and options. They are not your typical mom-wear and are more for moms who don’t want typical gear.

They are made from material that is 97% cotton and the rest is Lycra. The cotton keeps it light and comfortable while the Lycra give it that little bit of flexibility. These slings can go from infant to toddlers weighing 35 pounds or less. Seven slings is devoted to making “moms around the world even hotter.”


Original Styles

You can see from some of the original styles that these are not a baby sling pattern you will find elsewhere. Check out these to give you an idea:

  • Supernova has a purple kaleidoscope pattern with a beach sand color to break things up.
  • Autumn Blaze heats things up with hot red and orange symbols set against a vibrant yellow background,
  • If you love teal you’ll love the whimsical pattern that is set against the teal background in Northern Lights.


New Styles

There are 10 new styles, all fun and flirty. You can choose from lacey and sexy to cute and comfortable. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Indy has a black paisley design that is charming and feminine.
  • Koi uses a herringbone pattern that is all in lavender. Simple but pretty in purple.
  • Pivot is a fun sling that has an orange pattern with blue diamonds that is geared towards gamers.


What’s in a Name?

For just a few extra dollars you can have your baby’s name, nickname or any other name embroidered on the back of your baby sling.


Three Piece Gift Sets

For a limited time you can pick up a 3-piece gift set for yourself or another mother that you’re friends with.

The Original 3-piece gift set included the Seven Everyday Sling of your choice along with a matching set of leg warmers for your baby and an acrylic cuff bracelet with matching sling fabric for mom.

The New 3-piece gift set includes the Seven Everyday Sling of your choice, the matching baby leg warmers and a matching diaper pod.

There are so many great products here, all with the best interest of moms and their little ones at heart. You know these are mom-tested because a mother of five created them.

Seven slings offers a great selection of styles for young hip moms to choose from. They are sexy and trendy and just plain fun to wear. Keeping your baby safe and close to you is already a given. It’s just nice that with this company you can do it in style. Check them out on

Pikkolo Baby Carrier

How did the Pikkolo baby carrier come about? Well they say that necessity is the mother of invention, so when Beth Leistensnider was packing to go on a small trip to see a friend her necessity was to be able to travel more compactly. She realized if she could just get her 7-month old baby comfortably attached to her it would free her up to strap on a backpack diaper bag and carry a small suitcase on the place. Not happy with the comfort level of the baby carriers she already had, she decided to create her own.

She began making more and more and people began to notice them. So they then started to buy them right off of her (they did remove the child first!). She started her company and called it Catbird Baby, which is based on a line from the book, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, “sitting in the catbird seat.” She felt that the babies who were situated in her carriers were in the catbird seat as they were able to view the goings on in the world while safely close to Mom or Dad.

She has gone on to create other additions to the line but her purpose is to design functional products that are modern and beautiful to look at. And all with regard to babywearing and taking care of your kids just a little bit easier.

Pikkolo Baby Carrier Range.

The pikkolo baby carrier comes in five different styles, but each one is a form of soft structured carrier. An unusual feature of the Pikkolo baby carrier range is the fact that they all have a forth carrying position. Each can be used as a front facing baby carrier.


The Metropolitan Pikkolo Baby Carrier is unique in that you do not need an infant insert. The comfort level is amped up here with shoulder straps made from memory foam. The strap is tapered making it even more comfortable and supportive while still being cushy soft without all the bulk. The buckles have a dual adjustment so you don’t have to yank them up and back in order to get a good fit.

There are 4 carrying positions which will accommodate your baby as he or she grows. Your baby will fit into the Metropolitan from 8 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds, so is also great as a toddler carrier. And the base is adjustable so you can cinch it to adapt right to your baby’s size. The straps criss cross in back situating the baby evenly when you carry him in the front. There’s even a sweet little sleeping hood that can be stored in the pocket that comes with it.

The Georgia Pikkolo Carrier has many of the same fine traits as the Metropolitan carrier and also lets you carry your little one in four different positions.Iin the front facing inward towards your body. Carrying the baby in the front facing outward. Positioning the baby on your hip in the front. And lastly, carrying your baby on your back. There are instructions showing how you can get your child situated in the backpack position using a bed or couch.

The Café au Lait Pikkolo Carrier is again, similar to the other models but it has the cutest little sleeping hood that is made from a tan material. It matches up nicely with the warm brown color of the carrier. All of these carriers are in neutral colors making it easy to have one carrier that both Mom or Dad can use.

The Annika Pikkolo Carrier has all of the important attributes of the Georgia carrier but the design on the material is a white leaf set against the deep blue color of the carrier.

The Zephyr Pikkolo Carrier is made up the same way as the Georgia Pikkolo but is made of a silver material that borders on gray. It has a smoked pearl piping along the edge and the little sleeping hood is also smoked pearl in color.

A useful addition to any of the Pikkolo baby carrier range is the babywearing support belt. This gives extra support when carrying heavier or older babies and certainly extends the life of your carrier as your child grows.

Caring for your Pikkolo Baby Carrier.

All of the materials on the pikkolo carriers are 100 percent cotton. You can wash them in your washing machine but it is suggested that you put them in a lingerie bag that is used to wash delicate clothing. Set your washer on the delicate setting and only use cold water.

Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap Inc. is more than just a company that offers baby carriers. It is actually a company with a conscience. The parents who came up with Moby, which stands for Mother and baby, just wanted a better carrier to transport their own little ones. The actually took a European version and put their spin on it and the Moby Wrap was created.

The company began in April of 2003 and worked towards spreading the word on babywearing through baby wraps. From the garage of the original parents Moby grew to a warehouse in Chico, California. While the wraps are made in Thailand, the Moby Co. Ltd. works hand in hand with their partners in Chiang Mai providing a generous salary for their staff, health care, and bonuses. The two companies offer a positive place for their partners to work with mutual respect for each other’s work ethics.

Moby Wrap The Originals.

There are a bunch of fun but still functional baby wraps here. There are the originals which are perfect for babies from 8 to 35 pounds. Available in 10 colors the 100% cotton material make these comfy for mom and baby.

Moby Wrap Moderns.

The Modern styles can accommodate the same size baby as the originals. The only difference is more up-to-date colors. Choose from chocolate, indigo, lilac and sienna to name a few.

Moby Wrap MLB Edition.

Here’s an option that just might make dad want to take the little one out with him. With 24 Major League Baseball teams to choose from you can display your team loyalty right on your Moby Wrap. The way the wrap falls your team’s logo falls right on baby’s back.


This selection of sweet designs easily reverts to a solid color when you reverse it. There is a whimsical owl design and a butterfly among others. These are all exclusive to Moby.


You can never be too careful about protecting your baby from the damaging rays from the sun. The UV Moby Wraps have SPF 50+ incorporated using the Rayosan Process. This unique process is patented and provides extra coverage for your child.


Still soft and comfortable, the Organics collection consists of wraps that are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Choose from the beautiful eggplant color or the PAM beautiful Life Organic design.


Woven Wraps.

If you’re looking for something with a little more structure and a lot less stretch, the Woven Wraps are made of 100% organic cotton material. There are 14 colors that have varied shades integrated into the material.

Mini Moby Wrap.

Moby are amongst several baby doll carrier manufacturers who supply a ‘mini’ version of their product. Others include the Beco baby carrier, Boba baby carrier and Ergobaby carriers. The idea behind these is to allow older siblings to participate by carrying their own doll or soft toy.


Moby Wrap Instructions.

Basic Mom Info

Besides offering great ways to carry your baby, Moby offers you some tips and extra information that is meant to help moms out.

There are things you can do while wearing your Moby Wrap that you’ve probably never even thought of. There are exercises that you can do while wearing your wrap and the link to them is right on their website.

How about yoga for the two of you? The gentle stretches and movements can help you and your baby. There are a few basic poses to try out listed right on the site.

There is information on baby massage techniques with Moby teaming up with Infant Massage USA. There are a few examples of simple massage techniques you can try out on your little one.

If you have had trouble breastfeeding your baby don’t despair, there is help in sight. Moby offers some great information from Best for Babes to help you succeed. Or for extensive help on tips breastfeeding look here..

The carriers here at Moby are simple to use. There are instructions online to help you put them on properly. Check them out at

Maya Wrap Makes Trips With Baby so Much Easier

Doesn’t it seem like staples of every family-oriented television sitcom are scenes where the parents or grandparents take the newborn out for the day, only to struggle with all of the items that they need to care for the baby? Toys, snacks, strollers, clothes and diaper bags make for a difficult and stressful day for the fictitious family.

When it happens to you it sure isn’t funny, is it? The challenge of getting everything ready is a pressure-filled exercise where the consequences of forgetting a needed item can be dire. You welcome with open arms any item that makes this a better experience.

Say hello to the Maya Wrap Sling Ring baby carrier.

Conveniences abound.

Gone are the days of fighting with a boxy, difficult carrier that has an assortment of buckles and snaps that can turn any outing with baby into an Olympic sport. The Maya Sling Ring is light and easy to use, meaning Mom or Dad can accomplish more things with baby in tow.

The Maya Wrap folds into a purse or small bag, which allows for quick getaways. There is no need to constantly buy a replacement – Maya Wraps are good for children weighing up to 35 pounds.

Knowing that parents coming in many different shapes and sizes just like baby, Maya Wraps are completely adjustable, allowing for several different carrying positions while reducing back strain. They are designed in such a way that Mom can quietly nurse without drawing attention. There is even a pocket for an extra diaper, the car keys or your cell phone.

Stay stylish.

Maya Wrap baby carriers do not forgo style for the sake of comfort and convenience. The 100% cotton hand-loomed fabric is very breathable. Their durability eliminates the necessity for padding common in carriers that increases both the bulk for you and the heat for baby. With a variety of styles to choose from, it is easy to coordinate your Maya Wrap with your desired outfit no matter the occasion or season.

Keeping baby safe.

Frightening stories about baby products and toys containing hazardous materials seem to occur with alarming frequency. You can rest easy knowing your Maya product does not contain cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, nickel, cobalt or any other substance that can harm your child.

Maya Wraps allow you to be an ethical consumer.

Maya products conform to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Certified at every stage from harvest to post-production, Maya’s product line exceeds every standard for safe work environments, living wages, safe manufacturing components, and environmentally friendly processing of waste water.


The Maya Wrap is made to a simple baby sling pattern and so is extremely easy to use. Take a look at this simple to follow instructional video.


Simplicity of care.

To clean any Maya Wrap, a simple cold water machine wash is all it takes. Never use bleach. It is recommended you line dry these products to prevent shrinkage.

Simplicity of transport. Increased range of activities. Premium safety. Quick cleaning. Ethical purchase. The Maya Wrap is a great choice.


If you particularly like these forms of baby carriers you well also be interested in similar ones such as Seven Slings, the Moby Wrap or Boba Wrap.

Kelty Baby Carrier

Kelty is a manufacturer of outdoor sporting and camping goods and have become known for the excellent quality of all their products. Unsurprisingly there is a nice Kelty baby carrier range especially meant for hiking. They were the first company to offer child carriers to be used in outdoor activities.

Something to consider when choosing your Kelty baby carrier is how you intend to use it. Yes you are going to take your little one out for walks – but for how long and for how far? Are you expecting to go for the occasional walk in the park? Or are you more likely to be going on long hiking holidays through the wilderness? This is important so as to decide the size and durability of your carrier as well as additional compartments required.

Don’t forget that the carrying weight includes your baby and any items carried. And while that may be sufficient today – will it be next year or the year after as your baby grows? A Kelty baby carrier will also be perfect as a toddler carrier but this will impact upon the other goods that you can carry in your backpack.

The Kelty Baby Carrier Range.

The base model is the Mijo, a simple basic model that is perfect for walks in the park or a day of running errands. This is your ‘every day’ carrier that is made to the same top quality you would expect from Kelty – but not an actual hiking or backpack carrier like those below.

The Tour 1.0 has a suspension system that is adjustable, a system that ensures that makes it easy for the child to get in and out of the carrier, and a patented Auto-Deploy Kickstand that gives you a safe way to load and unload your child.

Next up is the Junction 2.0 which has a 5-point harness that is adjustable for your baby and it easily adjusts in length and in the torso for a perfect fit for mom and dad. Perfect for an afternoon of hiking.

The Transit 3.0 is just the carrier for active families as well as travelers. It is light and compact folding up to fit into the overhead compartment on a plane, in the trunk of your car, or even in the backseat. It received the “Babble Favorite Baby Carrier” award from the parenting blog

Created for the comfort and safety of parents and their little ones, the Journey 2.0 has the patented Auto-Deploy Kickstand, the 5-Point Harness, and their No-Pinch hinges. The removable sun shade will keep baby protected from the glare of the sun, and the padded harness, shoulder straps, and waist belt add to mom and dad’s comfort levels.

The Pathfinder 3.0 is for serious outdoor fanatics and is a top of the range hiking baby carrier. It has an improved adjustable suspension system that is easier to get to and provides a perfect fit for the parent. It has a 5-point harness and leg-secure straps. The daypack can be zipped off when you don’t need to use it but you’ll be glad to have it when you do. It has a pad for changing diapers and a compartment to handle beverages for hiking excursions.

A handy accessory for all the above Kelty baby carrier product range is the Kelty frame sun hood with a mesh window + weather and brush protection. Just fix it over baby using hook and loop attachments.

Finally we have the Wallaby which is different from each Kelty baby carrier above in that it is certainly not a hiking backpack carrier. However it most definitely adheres to the quality standards we expect from Kelty with padded seat, waistband and shoulder straps. It can also be used as a front facing baby carrier.

Infantino Carrier

It’s hard to tell who the Infantino company loves more – babies or their Moms. Their focus is on providing quality baby carriers that help parents take care of the children with ease. They are dedicated to safe products that are reasonably priced yet offer well-thought out details. Mesh fabrics keep each Infantino baby carrier cool and comfortable. There is always a focus on the backs and shoulders of Moms and Dads with extra wide straps and lumbar support in even the most basic Infantino baby carrier.

Infantino baby carrier range.

The company realizes that there isn’t just one Infantino baby carrier that works for everyone so there are many different styles, lots of fun patterns and colors, and so many different ways of strapping on your little one for a happy babywearing experience. Take a look at the great line of Infantino carriers:


This Infantino baby carrier is in it for the long haul. You can use this when your baby is small up through his or her toddler years. The adjustable seat offers a number of carrying choices. The wide lumbar belt helps support your back and the straps adjust easily to give you the proper weight distribution for you and your little one. And there is a padded area to support baby’s head.



Breathe is for cool moms, or at least moms who want to stay cool in hot weather. This pouch-style Infantino baby carrier is vented with BreatheMesh fabric making it a lightweight way to transport your baby. This carrier attaches easily with a buckle system that is literally a snap to put on. Included is the Clever Wonder Cover which is a bib from Infantino that keeps baby’s clothing and carrier neat and clean.



Just that little bit of extra coverage in the form of a cap sleeve gives mom a little more back support while carrying their little one – and especially as he or she becomes bigger. Sometimes transporting baby all day long through errands and shopping can take its toll. This Infantino baby carrier works well in the facing-in or front-facing positions.



Most moms agree – the EcoSash carrier is one of the easiest ones to put on. You can easily carry your baby one of three ways – position him facing towards you, facing outward as a front facing baby carrier, or you can even carry baby around backpack style. There is a sweet little hood that is built in to protect baby from the outside elements. And there are no buckles to deal with – just wrap ‘em up, tie securely and you’re on your way. This carrier really does grow as your baby does.


Hoodie All Season.

When is a hoodie not a hoodie? When it becomes a cozy carrier cover for you and your baby. The Hoodie All Season carrier cover is made of the same sweatshirt style material that they make hoodies from. There is pocket for mom’s hands and a hood to keep baby protected from wind, rain and cold weather. It snaps on to your carrier quickly and easily.



This really is one Infantino baby carrier that can do it all. The Infinity has three ways to carry baby – facing towards you, facing outward, and backpack style. In addition, this carrier can fit easily into your shopping cart as well as the high chair at your favorite restaurant. You can easily run your errands, go grocery shopping and meet your hubby for dinner without having to lug around extra seats and covers.


An ergonomically designed Infantino baby carrier which creates a natural sitting position for baby either facing in or as a backpack. With padded straps and lumber support for mum or dad as well.



The Swift carrier is a simple basic style that is perfect when you want to just grab it and get on the road. Baby can face outward or in towards you. It evenly distributes the baby’s weight making it comfortable to carry your child without a lot of bulk and the back strap adjusts to give you the perfect fit. The Swift is easy to get on quickly with the buckle system that snaps in the front.


Sync Carrier.

This carrier can adapt to all sizes and body shapes with ease. The lumbar belt provides support for your back and the soft straps make the whole carrier fit just right while baby gets transported in comfort. Baby stays nice and close and snug as a bug.



The Union is one of the company’s Ergonomic Carriers making it comfortable to use especially for long periods of time. Baby is comfortable in a face-front position or hitching a backpack ride. Extra wide straps are adjustable and keep your shoulders free of pain. Baby’s seat is bucket style giving him enough support so he doesn’t slip down and need constant adjustments. Baby can continue to use this until he / she is about 36 months old or 40 lbs in weight, making it an ideal toddler carrier.



Here is a cool carrier that Moms and Dads will both love. Baby has three different ways to ride – face-out, face-in, or backpack style. The lumbar belt expands to 52-inches so it can accommodate a number of sizes and shapes. The BreatheMesh material makes it a cool carrier even when the weather warms up. Also included is the company’s WonderCover which is a two-fold bib that keeps the carrier and baby’s clothing clean.


Sash Mei Tai.

Based on a carrying pattern that is centuries-old the Sash is an updated version of the mei tai baby carrier as opposed to a soft structured carrier. It is comfortable, flexible and adaptable to each body. This Infantino baby carrier lets you customize it to fit you perfectly and grows along with your little one. The detachable hood is there when you need it to keep baby shielded from the weather. Lumbar support and padded straps that are extra wide help keep you in comfort and focused on your baby.

ErgoBaby Carriers

Hawaii is the land of “No Worries,” and the birthplace of the Ergobaby Original Carrier. Born out of a need to be able to stay mobile and yet still have her baby close to her, Karin Frost came up with the original carrier design. She tested her product with other parents and even watched how the kids reacted to the carrier.

She made sure that the carrier was adjustable to both the parent and the child. Frost chose a nautilus as her logo because to her it represents the flexibility, evolution and “instinctive response” you need as you go through your everyday life. The company continues to grow but the passion and commitment remain the same.

Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Carrier

Ergobaby is the recipient of numerous awards for their stellar design. In 2011, Ergobaby carriers were named one of the Top 10 baby carriers in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. There’s no doubt that parents love the ergonomic design that distributes the baby’s weight evenly making it comfortable for them as well as the child.


The child is able to be transported while in a seated position with the padded waistbelt adjusting the baby’s weight between the shoulders to hip area. The shoulder straps are nicely padded to make sure that they don’t dig into you. The carrier is made of 100% cotton canvas with the lining made of 100% cotton poplin. The carrier itself is less than two pounds so you’re not going to feel weighted down. You can keep your little one close to you directly in the front, on your hip or even on your back.


New products continue to join the original Ergo-baby Original Bundle of Joy Carrier including the Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier and the Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier.


Ergobaby Original Collection Sport Carrier

The Ergobaby Sport Carrier has all of the award-winning features of the original collection. Along with the airy lightweight materials used in the carrier, there is a vent in the back to keep you and your baby cool, calm and collected no matter what the temperature is outside.


The Sport Carrier also has a few extra inches around the waist and on the shoulder strap so it will fit more people. It is larger than all of the other models so it will accommodate dads and moms of all sizes and shapes. The Sport Carrier can accommodate anyone from 5′ to 6′ 5″ tall. Babies from 7 pounds to 12 pounds, usually spanning up to 4 to 5 months.

The body of the Sport Carrier is made from a polyester/cotton blend. The lining is 100% cotton just like all the other carriers. At 1.21 pounds, the Sport Carrier is even lighter than the original, which weighed in at 1.8 pounds.


A comfortable addition to the Sport Carrier for baby is a sleeping hood. It is detachable but while attached it protects baby from the elements while supporting his head. It adjusts to baby’s growth with five different snap levels. There is a chest strap that adjusts and prevents baby from slipping. There is also a little pouch in the front where you can stash the sleeping hood or carry a few little items.


The Ergobaby Sport Carrier is able to work with the infant inserts, backpacks, weather covers, teething pads, and front pouches. It is reinforced at all intersecting areas for extra strength and safety. You can easily wash the sport carrier in the washing machine and air dry it or remove it from the delicate cycle of the dryer while the seams are still slightly wet. This carrier comes in 11 versatile colors and fabric designs.


Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier is an excellent option if you or your baby are susceptible to allergies or have sensitive skin issues. It also complies with your commitment to living a clean and organic lifestyle. The materials used in this carrier are 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton.


In keeping with the original Egobaby Carrier, your little one will still be held comfortably in a natural seated position. Designed to be ergonomically correct baby is comfortable and so are you. The waistbelt ensures that the baby’s weight is distributed evenly on your body and the cushy shoulder straps support that distribution as well.


The body of the carrier is made from 100% organic cotton and the lining consists of 100% organic cotton sateen. All intersections are reinforced to ensure safety and durability. The shoulder strap runs from 24″ to 44″ in length and has 1″ high density foam to make it comfortable for the parent.

There is a large storage pocket that zips up to secure any small belongings you may tuck into it. There is also a storage pocked for the hood, which has a UPF of 50+.

Accessories for the Ergobaby Carrier

When you choose the Ergobaby Carrier that is right for you and your baby, you will have the peace of mind knowing your baby is safe, close by and both of you are comfortable in your journey. This well-made award winning baby carrier is fine all by itself, but if you are interested, there are additional accessories you can add to make your travels even more accommodating.


  • There are cushioned inserts that even have a removable pillow to keep newborns up to 5 months nice and cozy. The come in the same colors and fabric designs that match the carriers.

  • Another option is the set of two teething pads. When babies begin to teethe they have a tendency to chew on the straps of the carrier. The 100% organic teething pad will keep baby from doing this and protect their sensitive gums.


  • A rain cover will protect baby in case of a sudden and unexpected shower. The waterproof nylon cover can easily be snapped onto any of the carriers. You can also easily replace or add an additional hood or two. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Chicco Baby Carrier

Chicco has a full line of products for baby. From highchairs and playpens, this company has just about everything you need to care for your little one. The Chicco baby carrier is available in three options – each that will transport your little guy or gal in total comfort.

Baby Carriers and Backpacks

It’s a simple fact that carrying your baby close by is good for both of you both. Your baby spent nine months being soothed by your heartbeat so holding him close to you is a natural transition. The movement of your body is already what he or she I used to so it will be easy for them to be lulled to sleep. And it will be a comfort for you to have your precious cargo tucked in close and securely to you, front or back.

Chicco baby carrier range.

The UltraSoft Carrier.

This cuddly Chicco baby carrier is best suited for infants and babies from 7.5 to 25 pounds. With its Italian design, the UltraSoft Carrier is just that, ultra soft. Unsurprisingly the UltraSoft carriers are both a form of soft structured carrier. Created to be worn in the front, this carrier has padded shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted for your comfort. Besides the comfy lining there is a special cuddle cloth that baby will love snuggling up with and a special washable cloth that snaps on in case baby spits up.

Adjustable straps make it easy to adapt to mom or dad. And the mesh panels on the side are vented keeping it nice and cool as it allows for an even flow of air. Everything has been thought of to make sure you and your baby have a safe, comfortable and carefree journey.


Chicco baby carrier – UltraSoft Magic Carrier

The Chicco UltraSoft Magic Carrier is the premium version of the UltraSoft Carrier. The seating area is upholstered and you can use this carrier in the front or back. The little vents on the side and the side panels made of mesh fabric help to keep this carrier cool. Just like the UltraSoft Carrier it includes the cuddle cloth and spit up cloth.

The shoulder straps easily adjust for front carrying or back. Chicco made sure that it included little ergonomic extras to ensure your comfort. There is a lumbar support that adjusts according to your height to give you the most enjoyable outings with your baby.

Like the Soleil in the Beco baby carrier range, there is a pocket in the front that is covered and two side pockets made of mesh. This makes it convenient for you to keep your keys and cell phone handy. Also included is a matching bag.


The UltraSoft 2-way carrier.

The beauty of this Chicco baby carrier – still part of the UltraSoft range – is that it can be used as a front facing baby carrier. So baby can face in and snuggle next to mon or dad, or face out and watch the world go by.

As with the others in the range there is the cuddle cloth and handy spit up cloth for baby. Also the usual padded straps for comfort.


Smart Support Backpack.

The Chicco Smart Support Backpack may appear heavier than it looks. At just 6.5 pounds, this Chicco baby carrier is a great way to keep your bigger children in tow and makes a perfect hiking baby carrier. The aluminum frame keeps these backpack baby carriers lightweight. The seat adjusts for your child so that it keeps pace with their growth. As in all their carriers the shoulder straps have a nice padding on them so that you don’t get worn out. There is lumbar support that is fully padded and the belt straps adjust to fit mommy or daddy.

One of the great features about the Smart Support Backpack is that you can put it down and it is a stable freestanding unit. No worries about it rocking so you can load and unload your child safely and securely.

Another nice touch is the weather shield that zips over the front protecting your child from rain, wind or too much sun. It’s a comfort to know that your little one can enjoy his ride without having to deal with the elements.

When it’s time to tuck it away, the Chicco Smart Support Backpack simply folds up flat making it easy to store and keep in your car. This backpack holds kids up to 40 pounds.

Why not also take a look at the great lightweight, folding strollers within the Chicco umbrella stroller range?