Boba Wrap

When it comes to carrying your baby around you will find that you have many options available to you. There are wraps and slings and hammocks and backpacks. You will need to try them out to find the ones that are the most comfortable for you and your baby.

Boba has several sturdy front and back carriers you may want to check out. They also carry baby wraps. Especially easy for new moms and dads, these wraps fit over your head and wrap your baby close to you in a secure and cozy manner.

And at this point it may be worth clearing up an important issue – a Boba Wrap is exactly the same as a Sleepy Wrap. At one time they were sold as completely separate items although both manufactured by Boba. Today they are one and the same and are sold under the same brand as the Boba baby carrier range.

The Boba Wrap / Sleepy Wrap.

The Boba Wrap is just the thing for infants and toddlers up to 18 months. Easy to use for new parents, this wrap has no heavy buckles or snaps to hurt your baby. Your baby‘s head is supported while they sleep. It provides a perfect fit for your little one, not too tight and not too loose. The Boba Wrap easily adapts to nursing moms providing a discreet environment to feed your baby without having to even move him or her.

The Boba Wrap is made of durable cotton with just enough spandex to add extra flexibility. This wrap will not lose its shape even after years of washing. It’s reasonably priced and a good carrier to start with, although it’s durable enough to last for years.

There are nine different solid colors to choose from for your Boba Wrap. If you prefer, there is a Boba Wrap that has two different prints available, Ocean and Stardust. The Organic Boba Wrap is only available in Khaki. It is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex. There are no dyes or other harsh ingredients used to make this wrap.

How to Put on a Boba Wrap.

The great thing about this wrap is it is easy to put on. It distributes your baby’s weight evenly so you don’t have to worry about back pains later on. There are full instructions including the different ways to carry your baby on the Boba website.

It may look complicated but it only takes six steps to get the Boba Wrap on.

  • Hold the wrap outstretched with the logo facing away from you. With the wrap right around as high as your navel, bring the sides of the material around your back.
  • Cross each piece of material across your back to the other side and throw it over the opposite shoulder crisscrossing in the back.
  • Take both sections together in the front and tuck them under the mid-section where the logo is and pull them through.
  • Pull the two pieces down until the waist section with the logo on it moves upward and is snug against your body.
  • Take the two hanging pieces and cross them over each other in front and then bring them to the back.
  • Cross the pieces in the back and then bring them to the front. If there’s not enough material to bring back to the front you can simply tie them in back. If you can bring them in front tie them securely in front or on the side.

Once you get the hang of getting the wrap securely tied on you will be surprised at how easy it is. First get acquainted with the Basic Tie. This is what you will probably use most of the time. Then try the Newborn Hold if you have an infant. After you get to be a pro, try the Love Your Baby Hold.

You will receive a Babywearing Safety Manual with your Boba Wrap or you can always refer back to the website.

If you’re a fan of these baby carriers then you may also like to consider the Maya Wrap, Moby Wrap or Seven Slings.

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