Boba Baby Carrier

Voted Top Baby Carrier for 2012.

Boba Baby Carrier: Besides being a popular way of transporting your little ones, the Boba Carrier 3G was voted the favorite out of 15 baby products by Baby Center. The decision was based on reviews by parents who bought and used the Boba Wrap. The site conducted its own reviews and also took into consideration the input of baby gear specialist Jamie Grayson.

Boba 3G.

The Boba 3G won the award based on the comfort level it extended to children from 7 to 45 pounds. As a soft structured carrier it is easy to use, sturdy enough to hold infants to toddlers, and comfortable for you and baby whether it’s worn in the front or in back.

The 100% cotton carrier has a removablehood used when baby is sleeping or to protect him or her from the sun or rain. This hood is adjustable so you can continue to use it as baby grows. A unique feature is the removable foot straps that keep baby‘s feet from dangling. These innovative straps are unique to Boba.

Included are head support adjustments for small babies with a 2″ to 3″ increase in the height of the carrier. The carrier fits all size parents with its adjustable straps and bands. No extra equipment, such as an extension belt is necessary.

There are nine different colors and patterns available. From Montenegro (black) to safari (tan) with plenty of pretty prints in between.

Boba 4G.

Very similar to the 3G this also carries infants from 7 – 45 pounds by using the integrated infant insert if required. The many straps enable the 4G to be adjusted for both mom and dad and as baby grows.

Other accessories include a sleeping hood and foot straps together with purse strap holders and loads of pockets for mom.

Again there’s a whole range of colors to choose from including dusk, safari and glacier.

Boba Baby Carrier Air.

This lightweight carrier weighs less than one pound but can easily carry children from 15 to 45 pounds, so is an ideal toddler carrier. Made from 100 % nylon material, you can wear the Boba Air in the front or on your back. The soft structured carrier cleans up easily which is invaluable when dealing with kids. You don’t have to fold it up precisely. Simply jam it back into the large pocket that is included. This carrier also comes with a sleeping hood that can be used to protect your baby from the elements. The BobaAir is adjustable and easily fits parents of all sizes.

Little Extras That Mean a Lot. In addition to their line of wraps, there are additional items that are available to make your life easier.

Boba Vest.

The Boba Vest is made to wear over your Boba carrier when the weather gets cooler. Made from a comfy fleece material, this convenient vest has a large tube pocket in front and zips on and off from the side.

It is compact enough that you can still wear a jacket or sweater over it to keep warm.

Boba Mini.

The Boba Mini is a great way to make big sister or big brother feel included.

A smaller version of the Boba 3G, the mini version of this carrier lets kids 3 years of age and older tuck in their dolls or toys and feel just like mommy or daddy.

A form of soft toy / baby doll carrier is also produced by other carrier manufacturers such as the Beco baby carrier, Ergobaby carriers and Moby Wrap.

Another item you can pick up separately is a sweet little Carrier Stuff Sack. The 100% cotton sack holds your Boba baby carrier easily and conveniently when you’re not using it. Just roll up your wrap or carrier and stash it inside.

Boba Baby Carrier offers Organic Teething Pads that conveniently attach to the shoulder strap of the carrier. The reversible pad is free from dyes. Perfect for little ones who like to put everything in their mouths, especially when teething.

If your baby carrier doesn’t include foot straps or a sleep hood you can purchase them individually. Once you get them you will wonder how you got along without them. Check out these accessories as well as the Boba carriers.

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