Beco Baby Carrier

The Beco Baby Carrier began life in 2005 as the brain child of parent Gabby Caperon. They have since gained the reputation of being of extremely high quality, long lasting and eco-friendly. They have also won several awards over the past few years. Because of this they are highly recommended by all industry experts.

The Beco Baby Carrier Range.

There are three ranges available – Soleil, Gemini and Butterfly 2 (now discontinued). The first two of these are available in a whole range of colors and each is an example of a soft structured carrier. Let’s take a look at each one…..

Beco Soleil Baby Carrier.

There are three possible carry positions with the Soleil carrier – back carry, hip carry and front facing in. Mom or dad can carry their newborn (using the carrier insert) right up to when they are about 45 lbs in weight.

They are padded all over to ensure the maximum comfort for both parent and baby. This includes shoulder straps, headrest and leg supports. You can also fit a hood for baby which is sold separately. Each Beco Baby Carrier within this range will fit a parent of 5′ – 6’5″ in height and with a waist of between 27′ – 59′.

The Soleil range all incorporate a waist pocket for storage of diapers and / or accessories and are 1.3 lbs in weight.

Please do be aware that there are many differing colors and patterns available – not just the one shown.

Accessories include a detachable hood, a carry bag which can be attached and drooling pads.

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier.

The Gemini range is very similar to the Soleil range of baby carriers but with the following differences:-

  • will carry baby up to the weight of about 35 bls.
  • will carry a newborn without the need for an insert.
  • has a forth carrying position – it can be used as a front facing baby carrier.
  • headrest is adjustable.
  • no waist pocket.
  • no hood is available.

Again – take a look at the huge range of available colors in this Beco Baby Carrier product range.

Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier.

This product was discontinued by Beco in late 2012 and replaced by the newer Soleil range. It is however is still available through several Beco authorised distributors. There are two main differences with this range. The first is that they are considerably heavier at 1.8 lbs. The second – and very positive aspect – is their flexibility. Most reviews will emphasise the fact that this Beco baby carrier can be transferred from one person to another without taking baby out first. This feature also means that baby can be ‘preloaded’ before putting the carrier on.

The price however is comparable with both the Soleil and Gemini.

But there is a also fourth Beco Baby Carrier ‘range’ to mention ……..

Beco Mini baby Carrier.

This is one of those clever ideas which have been adopted by several of the large baby carrier manufacturers. Ergobaby carriers, the Boba baby carrier and Moby Wrap all produce something similar.

The theory is simple! Firstly it is a toy which is a teddy or baby doll carrier. But it is more than that. Older siblings who may feel jealous of the attention received by their new brother or sister can literally join in by having their very own Beco baby carrier.

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