Baby Sling Pattern – How to Make a Baby Sling

Baby Sling Pattern

Transporting your baby from one place to the next is going to be one of your greatest challenges for the first few years of his or her life. There are several modes available – but one of the easiest, most economical and comfortable baby carriers seems to be the baby sling. This is often known by an ex-branded sling called the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. So having your own Baby Sling Pattern to use could well turn out to be very useful.


What is a Baby Sling?

Baby slings, also known as a baby ring sling, are materials that you wrap around your body in such a way that you can tuck your little one safely inside and close to your body. Infants can be wrapped so that they can be cradled right against your chest. Older children can be nestled in against your hip to distribute their weight a little better. Deciding what position to carry your baby in will determine which Baby Sling Pattern you will need to use. There are even twin baby slings.

The baby ring sling merely has a ring implemented in the design to make it easier to adjust it making it the choice of nursing mothers. The design is simple and it’s really the kind of material you select and the way you wrap it that make it true to your style.

What Kind of Fabric Should You Use?

You can choose whatever fabrics you like to use with your Baby Sling Pattern. Pick two contrasting fabrics or make your baby sling all one pattern or color. You can use stretchy material or cooler stronger cotton fabric. You’ll need around two yards of each fabric or four yards if you’re using one pattern or color.

Where Can I Find a Baby Sling Pattern?

You can find several free Baby Sling Patterns online. The sling itself is made from a simple baby sling pattern almost like a giant tube that you slip over yourself. The way that you put it on is what forms the pouch which is where you will slip in your baby. Below is a simple baby sling pattern you can use to try making your own baby sling.

How to Make Your Own Baby Sling.

While there are a variety of baby slings on the market, you can easily make your own with just a simple Baby Sling Pattern and a lovely piece of fabric. You will need a few items when you begin your DIY baby sling project. The easiest sling to make is the reversible pouch.

You’ll need four yards of fabric. Cut your material in half lengthwise making two pieces. Now you are going to round off the edges. Fold your material by length and width bringing all four corners together. Cut an arc from the bottom folded area taking from two to three inches off and rounding all four corners at one time.

Putting the right sides together sew the rounded edges together. This is the area that will be bearing the weight of the baby so make sure you sew it several times to make it secure.

Turn the material inside out and fold a ¼” hem along the lone side. Sew with your sewing machine and then turn the material right side out again.

Fold the sling in half with both hemmed areas together. Put your head through the center with one piece over your shoulder and the other under the opposite arm like a sash. Your baby can be tucked right into the material close to your chest.

Making a Ring Sling with a Baby Sling Pattern.

Choose 2 ½ yards of material and two large rings. Make sure that you purchase sturdy rings. These are going to bear the weight of your baby and must be secure enough to hold his or her weight. You don’t want to run the risk of the material breaking away from rings that are not strong enough.

On the wrong side of the material, turn in a ¼” hem and stitch three sides. Fold the fabric side that is not hemmed lengthwise. Fold it into pleats and secure the end with tape several inches down so it doesn’t unravel.

Put this pleated material through the two rings and sew this material under the rings so it is secure. This is the part of the fabric that may need extra stitching as it is how you will adjust the weight of your baby.


Putting Baby into the Ring Sling.

Take the edge of the material that is hemmed and feed it through both of the rings and then feed the end through the lower ring. Slip the wring over your shoulder and adjust the size by pulling the material through the ring to tighten. The rings should be positioned at your shoulder.

Your baby will fit in the pouch that is formed from the wrap after you slip it over your head and wrap it around you. You cam position your baby in a cradled position or when they are big enough, in a seated position.


Extra Help Online with a baby sling pattern.

There are free patterns online showing you how to make several styles of slings. Each one only takes around five or six steps to make. You could probably turn one out in around an hour or so. There is even a Baby Sling Pattern that doesn’t require any sewing.

If you have extra material you could add a pocket to your sling or a cover to use when nursing. Many people like stretchy material that has a little “give” to it. Stretch cotton and jersey knits make great wraps, especially for babies up to around 15 pounds. You may need more sturdy material to hold bigger kids.

Use your Baby sling pattern to Make Them for Friends and for Shower Gifts.

Once you see how comfortable they are to wear and how easy they are to make, you might want to make some baby slings for all the moms you know. The different materials make each one different and you can make them casual or fashionable. You can even make them for the dads you know. They make great baby shower gifts. Your friends won’t believe how talented you are and only you will know how easy they are to make.

With prices ranging from $39 to $90 for baby slings sold online from companies such as seven slings, you can not only save money, you can make a couple for the price of one store bought sling. All it takes is a couple of yards of fabric, a few rings, and an hour of your time.


Baby Sling Pattern.

Obtain your fabric. Note that a properly sized sling is determined by the size of the babywearer, not by the size of the baby. To find correct length, measure the babywearer from the shoulder to the opposite hip. Triple that measurement to find the length of fabric you’ll need. A person measuring 24″ from shoulder to opposite hip, for example, will need 72″ (2 yards) of fabric for a sling. A person measuring 30″ will need 90″ (2 1/2 yards) of fabric. The finished length of your sling will be approximately 4″ shorter.

Obtain your rings. I use rings that have been manufactured specifically for slings, and rigorously tested for safety. Craft rings and other similar products are not designed for use in infant carriers – using them compromises the structural soundness of your finished product, and jeopardizes the safety of the child.

Wash and dry your fabric, if desired, to preshrink it. (The only fabrics I preshrink are linen and raw silk.) Press, if necessary.

Trim your fabric to the desired width. I use a 22″ width for a preemie sling, and 30″ – 36″ to make a sling for a full-term infant.


Hem both long edges (along the selvages). Hem one short edge.

So the baby sling pattern is Simple so far? Now comes the tricky part of the baby sling pattern, and the feature that has made the fanned baby sling pattern shoulder a great favorite. When I made my first sling, other slings were made by folding or pleating the fabric onto the rings. I didn’t know that, so I did what made the most sense to me — I gathered the fabric onto the rings instead. I like my design: the gathering is aesthetically satisfying to me, it fans very nicely across the shoulder, and it spreads out generously to accommodate Baby. What’s more, gathering the fabric onto the ring is easy!

Here’s how. Fold the unhemmed short edge of the fabric down (wrong sides together) about ½” and press. Make another fold, this one 5” wide, and press. This makes a straight line across your fabric, which will soon prove very useful. I make this second fold with the right sides of the fabric together. It doesn’t really matter, but I think that it makes the fold line on the inside of the fabric easier to see.

Open the wide fold and – starting at one corner – put both rings inside the fold. I put the slings into the upper left corner, working with the length of the sling on my right. With both rings inside the fold, fold the ½” pressed edge to the 5” pressed line. If you have done this correctly, the rings will be about 2½” from where you will be stitching. I hold the rings in my left hand and work the fabric with my right, matching the pressed edge to the pressed line, and stitching, a few inches at a time. Every time I do this I am reminded of the importance of “living in the present.” I can’t change what I have already stitched, and I can’t match the two lines for the whole width of the sling, but I can match them a few inches at a time, and if I give careful attention to each few inches in succession, the result is an astonishingly easy and even line.

Gather or fold the tail, and thread through the rings — through both, then back over one under the other your baby sling pattern is now complete .

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