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There are so many baby carriers on the market today it’s hard to determine which one is best for you and your child. Many of the more successful carriers (such as the BabyHawk and ErgoBaby carriers) have been created by moms and dads who found a niche after not finding a carrier that suited their specific needs. This is the way that the Baby K’tan baby carrier was born.

The story behind the Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier.

The Chesal family and the Wernick family had been good friends for years. The two families were dealing with children who had special issues that needed to be dealt with in addition to other children that were in the family.

Michal Chesal’s son Coby was born in 1999 with Down syndrome. In addition, he had a condition that resulted in low muscle tone called hypotonia. Dedicated to keeping her son close to her but also comfortable, Michal set out to find a carrier that didn’t require Coby’s legs to be spread out so far apart. She began working with designs that didn’t require the excessive abduction that most carriers did. She ultimately created the K’Tan carrier after modifying many slings and carriers that were already on the market.

In the Wernick family, their son Eitan was born in 2003 and suffered from a heart defect that is relatively rare but very serious. The defect is called TAPVR and at just 4-weeks old, young Eitan was able to make it through open-heart surgery successfully at Miami Children’s Hospital. They too were concerned with the comfort and safety for their child and began working with Michal and her designs to come up with the best baby carrier they could for these special needs children.

What is the Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier?

So how does the Baby K tan Baby Carrier differ from the other carriers on the market today? They have labeled their carrier the “baby wrap without all the wrapping.” The company shows a comparison between their carrier and all the effort required to put on and adjust a baby wrap. The Baby K’Tan incorporates the best parts of a wrap, a carrier, and a sling so you can enjoy all the good parts of each.

It allows for multiple positions and one carrier that can accommodate a baby from birth to about 3 years of age.


How do you put on a Baby K’Tan?

The Baby K’Tan is easy to put on and comes in two pieces. It starts with two round pieces of material that you slip into and adjust to get the right position for your baby. The carrier can keep babies comfortable from 8 pounds up to 35 pounds. The way that the double shoulder piece goes on keeps the weigh evenly distributed. There are no buckles to worry about, no straps to deal with and no wrapping around your body until you find a comfortable spot.

Once the baby is put into place a back support band is wrapped around from front to back giving you extra support for your baby, especially needed as he or she begins to grow. The material that is used is a stretchy 100 percent cotton knit. The material is nice and wide and provides a comfortable place for baby to rest his head.

What is the K’tan Breeze?

This is exactly the same as the original carrier but is half cotton and half mesh. Some parents may prefer this option as it reduces heat and moisture. This can make it more comfortable for you both.

Can I use my carrier for twins?

Baby K’tans have certainly been used as twin baby slings in the past and many parents do continue to use them this way. However – the manufacturer clearly states that they don’t recommend this for safety reasons. Take a look at our page on twin carriers for some safer options.

Does one size fit all?

An interesting difference in the Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier is that even though it can hold babies from infancy to toddler stage, the size of the carrier is determined by the size of the person who will be carrying the baby. One size does not fit all here. You have to find your pre-pregnancy size to find the right size Baby K’Tan carrier for you.

Sizes are available for men and women based on clothing sizes for women and suit sizes for men. Women’s sizes range from XS (0-4) up to XL (18-22). Men will find the range in suit sizes from 38 to 50. The purpose of the sizes is to make sure everyone gets the closest fit when transporting their little ones. It’s hard to think of a man who wears a size 42 suit getting the same fit from a carrier that fits a woman wearing a size 4 dress.

And the styles and accessories?

While the carrier itself is simple, there are a number of colors and prints to choose from. Nifty shades of grey has a plaid look while denim is great for moms and dads. Heather grey and eggplant offer some colors to work into your wardrobe as well as sage green, black breeze and white breeze. There is a version available that comes in a natural organic material for those who have any sensitivities.

The company also offers some accessories you can purchase separately. The K’Tan Cloth is made of a breathable mesh micro fiber that can be used as a nursing cover, a burp cloth, or as a blanket to keep baby warm. It has an easy to use Velcro attachment so you can keep it handy when needed.

There are matching convertible sashes that can be used as a pouch to carry your Baby K’Tan.

They also offer something called Teething Bling that was created by Smart Mom Jewelry LLC. How many times does your baby go for your hanging necklace? Now the necklace is a teething toy that is safe for your baby to pull on and even put in his mouth. Teething Bling pieces adhere to the strictest safety standards here and abroad.

In addition, the company offers a DVD that teaches babies how to sign and there is a pet carrier that is meant for small and disabled dogs that need help in being transported. These carriers should not be used for babies and the Baby K’Tan carriers should not be used for animals.


More and more parents chose to keep their little ones close to them for safety and comfort. It is an easy an economical way to transport your baby throughout the years. Find a K’Tan Baby Carrier that fits your lifestyle and you won’t have to worry about getting a wrap to fit correctly again.


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