Baby Doll Carrier

Your little one is growing up. They have watched you and wants to be a good parent just like you. With the positive experience of being held close to you in baby carriers through their life, they wants to do the same for their “baby.” If you want to give your little boy or girl the same joy you felt carrying them close to your heart, there are several companies that have created a baby doll carrier just for little children who like to play mommy or daddy.

These are also a wonderful way of including older siblings in the whole process of having a new baby. They can take care of their own baby while mom and dad also care for their little brother or sister.

Of course a baby doll carrier can just as easily be used for teddies or other soft toys. Below are some of the baby doll carriers on the market.

Which is the best baby doll carrier?

Ergobaby has a Doll Carrier that is just like mom and dad’s. It is just the thing to make your son or daughter feel like a big girl or boy as they takes care of their baby just like you. It’s the perfect gift for any child who is now in the position of big brother or sister. This carrier can be worn in the front or in the back like a backpack. These mini ErgoBaby carriers come in a fun giraffe print, zebra print, galaxy gray or mystic purple and have a nice pocket in front to stash other toys and goodies.

AmericanGirl has a Bitty Front Pack that is made to accommodate the Bitty Baby from their doll collection. The pretty-in-pink carrier has an embroidered heart-shaped flower on the front. The Bitty Baby should be placed in the carrier facing inward. The shoulder straps adjust in the back and criss-cross to get the best fit.

Another option for those with the Bitty Baby doll is the Starry Front Carrier. The giant pink star has an embroidered heart on the front and is made from a soft material with adjustable straps. It’s a very simple carrier and lightweight enough even for the smallest child to wear.

The Boba Mini was created just for little girls to carry their dolls or toys around. This child’s version of the Boba baby carrier matches the company’s real adult carrier from its Classic Collection. It comes in 8 different colors and patterns and is great for a little boy as well.

A sweet little baby doll carrier created for dolls is the Baby Carrier Luca which is simple and lightweight. It has a Velcro closing and comes in an adorable blue print, lined in pink, and has a pale green panel in the front where the doll’s legs go. It has a cute little butterfly adorning the front.

Mattel not only has a baby doll carrier, they have the doll and all the accessories that make her as close to a real baby as possible. The Little Mommy Laugh & Love Baby Doll is interactive and you can feed her, play with her and she even can make sounds and phrases. The carrier is worn on the front with baby facing inwards or outwards.

Snuggy Baby sells regular baby slings so it was the natural transition to baby doll slings. Made to carry your son or daughter’s baby doll, sometimes kids tend to pack it up with some of their favorite things. The carrier is made in the pouch style making it so easy for little ones to put on and take off by themselves. Your little girl or guy can just put it over her head and put in her doll or toys. You don’t have to worry about straps or buckles or any kind of adjustments. It measures 18” by 14” and is great for kids up to 5 years of age. There are many different colors and patterns to choose from. It is not meant for small animals (children do tend to take a good idea a little too far sometimes!).

The Beco mini can be worn on the front or the back and is modelled on the adult Beco baby carrier.

This Moby Wrap mini is another big name brand made for big brothers and sisters. This baby doll carrier comes in a huge range of colors – olive, black, burgundy, forest, indigo, moss, natural, navy, red, sand and sky.

And not only can you purchase toy doll carriers, it is also possible to find branded doll strollers, such as the one in the Chicco umbrella stroller range.


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