Baby Bjorn Carrier

Over fifty years ago in Sweden Bjorn Jakobson had a goal for his business. He wanted to help families with small children through his “safe and innovative products.” He geared these high quality products to families with children that were three years old and younger.

The company is still a family business in Sweden carrying out the same objectives. The only difference is these products are now found all over the world. Over 30 million babies have been carried around in Baby Bjorn carriers.


The Baby Bjorn Carrier – More than Just a Pretty Face.

Baby Bjorn carriers have always been created to look good as well as feel good for moms, dads, and babies. But they have medical confirmation that upholds their attention to the health and wellbeing of the family unit.

The company stands by its credo that the safety and health of children comes first. For more than 23 years they collaborated with the Ostra Hospital. Currently, they have incorporated the medical advice from the top paediatricians and midwives. All who are professionals in the field. Dr. Avroy A. Fanaroff from the Rainbow Babies & Childrens Hospital was the one who provided the research that resulted in the company’s first baby carriers. There are currently five different styles of Bjorn baby carriers.


The Original Baby Bjorn Carrier.

This Classic has been around since 1973 and was possibly the first soft structured carrier. It’s simple for parents to maneuver and comfortable for baby to snuggle into. The Bjorn company believes that not only closeness but eye contact with your baby help to create a strong emotional bond.

This well-made carrier has a two-part design so that you can transport a sleeping baby from the carrier without waking them up. And you don’t have to worry if you think you may have the carrier on incorrectly. There is a smart safety click as well as colored buckles that let you know everything is hooked up correctly.



Baby Bjorn Carrier Active.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Active has extra back support to make carrying your baby a comfortable experience. The adjustable carrier grows along with your child accommodating babies from 8 to 26 pounds. There is an individual lumbar support that adjusts so you can continue to carry your little one until he’s not so little anymore. This is also an ideal front facing baby carrier.



Baby Bjorn Carrier Miracle.

Dedicated to being ergonomically precise, the Baby Bjorn Carrier Miracle has an adjustable waistbelt so that you can vary the pressure points. There is more info on how to vary them on the website. With wide shoulder straps and adjustable back support for your lumbar area, this carrier will help you carry your baby without putting strain on your own body.




Baby Bjorn Carrier One.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier One is the latest addition the Bjorn Baby line. For use with larger children as well as newborns, you can carry toddlers up to three years old in the front or back using this carrier. In fact there are four ways you can carry your child in front and back. The focus of this carrier is ergonomics plus the ultimate in comfort. With one simple investment in a carrier that is comfortable for you and your baby, you can use the Baby Carrier One for around three years.



Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier.

The Comfort Carrier is dedicated to carrying older infants as comfortably as you can for them and you. With the way that the child’s weight is distributed, you can safely carry around a two-year old and not end up with a sore back later. The waist belt helps to relieve pressure and you can adjust your child’s leg positions to add to their comfort as well.

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