Baby sling carrier


Baby sling Carrier

You never thought the day would come – your bundle of joy has arrived! From this day forward, you are attached to this little human and it is your job to keep him or her safe and sound. No one gives you a manual when you have your first baby. Most new moms learn what to do from their moms and other mothers who have learned from their moms.

At we are going to eliminate one area that you need to address immediately: how do you transport your baby with a baby sling carrier? Leaving the hospital is easy. You’re cradling your newborn while you’re being pushed in a wheelchair. The hospital do not supply baby bags so Baby goes into a car seat especially geared for infants. So far so good. After a few weeks or so when you’re ready to get back into the main stream, you carry your baby in the infant carrier that comes with your car seat.

Even a six pound baby is going to feel heavy in one of those baby carriers after a while. And where do you put the baby carriers while you’re shopping? There are options we think you should know about. We will help you decide which one is best baby sling carrier for you and guide you every step of the way. Just think of us as your sling me mommy giving you the best advice we have. We will also include baby sling carrier reviews for you to judge for yourself the best fit for you and your new born.

baby sling carrier

How Do You Decide Which baby sling carrier is Best for You?

There is a whole world out there that is dedicated to making it easy for you to remain active as a mom, whether this is your first child or fifth. Each child is different and the way you transport them may be different as well. And don’t forget to consider how long you expect to be using your carrier. Will you be wanting to use this just while your little one is a baby? Or will you need it to be a toddler carrier in a few years as well? Don’t worry. Sling me mommy is going to make this easy for you.


Baby sling Carrier 101

Don’t become overwhelmed when you see the different ways you can carry your baby around. Take your time and choose the one that fits your needs and lifestyle. As your baby grows your needs may change. Let’s start at the beginning by looking at the various baby carriers.



Baby Slings.

maya wrap

Maya Wrap ring sling

When your baby is still small, up to six months or so, baby slings are the way to go such as the Seven Slings product range. Also known as Ring Slings, or an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder,  they are worn in front of you providing the most comfort for you and your little one. There are even styles that can be worn while nursing. The first three months he or she can be cradled in the sling. These carrier slings are very versatile and can even accommodate children up to 35 pounds.

You may even want to use a basic baby sling pattern to make your own!


A Baby Wrap Similar to a Sling.

The wrap keeps baby front and center. The baby‘s weight is more evenly distributed and they are secured by the way you wrap the fabric around them. Most wraps come with an instructional video that clearly demonstrates how to secure the fabric around you. It may take a couple of tries but we promise, you’ll get the hang of it before your child starts school. The ancient mei tai baby carrier is an example of a baby wrap.


Backpack Carriers Similar to the regular canvas bag.

kelty baby carrier

Kelty Journey 2.0

These backpacks carry your baby instead of books or camping supplies. They are a more structured hiking baby carrier and not for infants or babies who cannot sit up on their own yet. They are easy to put on and seem to distribute the weight more evenly across your back freeing you to use your hands and arms.

While these are just the main types of carriers for your baby, each one has many variations and styles available. The wraps are made of a variety of fabrics, from mesh and cotton for everyday use to beautiful prints that will make a fashion statement. There are nursing wraps and swimming wraps. And of course, there are wraps for dads too. There are structured baby carriers and slings that have pockets to keep your essentials handy. And there are baby carriers that you can wear in front, in back and even to the side, on your hip. You decide which works best for you and your child.


Quick Reference Guide What is “baby wearing”?

This phrase came about from the attachment parenting phenomena. This form of parenting encourages physical contact between the parents and the child. The popularity of slings and wraps and other carriers evolved into the phrase, baby wearing.


What is the best carrier for a nursing mother?

The wrap is probably the best bet. It is flexible and provides a discreet and comfortable environment for you and your baby. There are actually ring style wraps made especially for nursing.


How can I carry twins around?

When they are still infants, they can be coordinated easily with the softness and flexibility of a wrap. As each child gets older they should be transported in their own carrier. You can actually work with two different styles of carriers or use one wrap in the front and one in the back. There are several twin baby slings and twin carriers available on the market.


Are there any carriers that will keep my back supported?

baby carriers

Beco Gemini carrier

There are some carriers that have a built in waist support. If you find one that doesn’t have a support band, you can purchase one separately. This could be an important accessory to have on hand as your child grows.

It is certainly advisable if you suffer from back problems to avoid using a front facing baby carrier as this will create extra pressure on your back. Of course there are many carriers – such as the Gemini in the Beco baby carrier range which offers several carrying positions in order to overcome this problem.



Can I bring my baby swimming in a sling or baby wrap?

There are baby wraps that are made especially for the water. Made from mesh or fast drying stretch materials, baby will be able to take a dip and cool off as he or she is nestled right against your bathing suit. Try doing that with any of the other baby carriers! With so many choices and styles available you and your little one will be hitting the road in style. Nestled close to you and wrapped securely in place, there’s nowhere you can’t go with your little one in tow. Take the time to find your style and what feels comfortable to you. And you will be back to your active lifestyle in no time.

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